The medical community is now accepting that IV therapy can treat illness and also improve wellness. IV therapy is renowned for many benefits, from speedy hangover relief to boosting the immune system. It has grown in popularity and accessibility over the past several years.

More and more health-conscious individuals are turning to IV therapy to receive the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and pharmaceuticals their bodies require to stay healthy. Getting an IV vitamin drip soon? Here is a list of the best preparations you can make for your next IV to go smoothly:

Eat something

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is critical to feeling comfortable throughout your treatment. Some vitamins and minerals have a lowering effect on blood pressure and blood sugar, which, if you’re already depleted, can leave you feeling a little dizzy. IV therapists advise that you eat something before your appointment, and the meal or snack should contain protein. This is because some vitamins and minerals can make you sick if administered on an empty stomach.


You may wonder why you should hydrate, given that the IV drip will hydrate your body. Your body will be more receptive if you are hydrated before beginning the IV because the minerals and vitamins supplied by IV dehydrate cells. The veins in your arms will also be smaller if you are dehydrated, making it hard for the nurse to find the optimum spot to start your IV. A few glasses of water before your appointment will help you react better to the IV therapy and make it easier for the therapist to find a vein.

Avoid over-the-counter medications.

Avoid taking antihistamines and decongestants before your IV if you can. While these medicines are effective at treating headaches, allergies, and stuffy noses, they also constrict your blood vessels, occasionally making it harder for your treatment. If you can’t avoid them, hydrate, eat a snack, and jog around the block before you sit down.

Breathe easily and unwind.

Take some time to unwind while waiting for the start of your IV. Take five full breaths in and out while focusing just on your breathing. This will help you relax and get ready for your treatment, improving your chances of successful treatment.

Dress comfortably.

You don’t need to dress up for your IV, and we advise wearing a blouse with short sleeves or sleeves that you can roll up above the elbow. And if you tend to get cold, wear those cozy pants and socks. Luckily some IV therapy facilities have soft blankets to keep you warm and comfortable during treatment.

Bring a book or some music with you.

Depending on the type, you may receive an IV that takes two hours or longer to infuse. Bring the books you’ve been meaning to start, the periodicals you have yet to have time to read, or your favorite music, along with some earbuds to enjoy it. IV therapy facilities provide enjoyable amenities to keep you comfortable during the IV drip. Enjoy this moment since it is yours!

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