Wrinkles are normal as the body ages. This is because the skin becomes thinner and drier and eventually loses elasticity. However, if you are still young and have wrinkles on the face, then there are underlying reasons unrelated to age. There are many ways of preventing wrinkles, and Hedox Clinic has laid them out for you. Remember, wrinkles are caused by different factors and this article will discuss 8 of them. So, if you are wondering why you have wrinkles despite your young age, read the following reasons.

  1. UV Light

All the fun in the sun could be the reason why your face is wrinkling. Exposing your face to too much UV radiation leads to photoaging. The UV radiation destroys the protective property of the skin and that is why the skin starts to wrinkle and sag.

  1. Stress

Too much stress at work or your personal life not only affects your emotional and mental health but your physical health too. Stress increases the production of cortisol that inhibits the skin from holding moisture. This leads to the development of wrinkles and sagging of the skin.

  1. Lack of Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital. It can help you to lose weight as well as refresh your body. Are you aware that adequate sleep helps the skin too? Not getting enough sleep overworks the body, and this contributes to wrinkles. So, you need enough sleep to re-energize your body and give it time to flush out toxins.

  1. Squinting

Squinting is a facial expression that could be causing wrinkles on your face. If you have a habit of squinting often, you tend to use the facial muscles more and this makes them strong. The movement squeezes the skin cells together, causing the formation of wrinkles.

  1. High Sugar Intake

You already know that sugar is a leading cause of weight gain. Additionally, it leads to the formation of premature wrinkles. Taking too much sugar leads to the weakening of protein elements known as elastin and collagen. Once these proteins are weakened the skin starts to wrinkle. Furthermore, glycation, the process of breaking down sugar, produces toxins that lead to premature aging.

  1. Smoking

This is another culprit for facial wrinkles. Apart from the position of your mouth when smoking, the toxins from the product are also responsible for premature wrinkling.

  1. Dehydration

Lack of taking enough water leads to dry skin, and dry skin is vulnerable to wrinkles. Remember, the more water you take, the more hydrated you become, and this is good for your skin.

  1. Harsh Chemicals

Some of the cosmetic facial products that people use have harsh chemicals that affect the skin. Even with the safe ones, using too much of them can harm the skin. They can cause soreness, redness, irritation, and wrinkles. Having skin problems due to harsh chemicals from beauty products slows down the production of sebum and collagen, and this causes the formation of wrinkles.


The body is susceptible to changes as we age, and this is why people develop wrinkles with age. However, there are other factors, like the ones mentioned above, that accelerate the formation of wrinkles. So, to prevent premature wrinkles, it is crucial to learn about the causes and how to avoid them.

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