CoolSculpting, the latest in non-surgical fat reduction treatments, freezes stubborn fat in order to eliminate it. CoolSculpting uses controlled cold temperatures to target fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. Once these fat cells are frozen, they die, leaving the body to naturally eliminate the fat over time.

Why CoolSculpting has become a popular treatment for men

Below are just a few of the reasons why CoolSculpting treatments have started becoming just as popular amongst men as they have amongst women.

  • CoolSculpting sessions are fast. Each CoolSculpting treatment lasts about an hour and can even be done over a lunch break. Dual sculpting is offered at most clients today too, which means patients can have two areas treated at once, cutting down the overall number of treatment required.
  • The procedure is non-invasive. CoolSculpting doesn’t require any scalpels or needles and won’t leave you with any scars after your session.
  • No downtime is necessary. Men prefer CoolSculpting as a treatment for stubborn fat because they don’t need to work any recovery time into their schedules. Basically, they could go to gym on the same day as their treatment.
  • CoolSculpting treatments won’t interfere with work. Since most men can’t afford to take any time off of work, CoolSculpting is a preferred treatment option. Patients can go back to work directly after their appointment at Man Cave Sydney.
  • CoolSculpting treatments are personalised. Since CoolSculpting is not a one-size-fits-all kind of treatment, every patient will receive an individualised treatment plan, which also allows them to choose from a variety of different applicator sizes. Larger applicators can be used to treat areas such as the abdomen and love handles while smaller applicators are used to treat areas such as the chin. A CoolSculpting professional will be able to advise you on the best treatment plan based on your goals.
  • Patients decide on the treatment areas. Every man has an area of his body that he’s not entirely happy with. Since CoolSculpting works on various different areas, including flanks, chest, abdomen and double chin, men know that they’ll be able to target the specific problem areas that bug them the most. Your CoolSculpting professional will simply help you achieve your goals.
  • The procedure is FDA-approved. The FDA has approved the CoolSculpting procedure, making it a safe and effective way to target stubborn fat in the thigh, abdomen, flank and chin areas.
  • The procedure has a 95% Satisfaction Guarantee*. Over 3.5 million CoolSculpting sessions have taken place worldwide. Not only does the procedure use scientifically-backed technology but the people who administer the treatments undergo lengthy amounts of training in order to give patients the desired results.

Overall, CoolSculpting at Man Cave Sydney has become such a popular fat reduction treatment amongst men because it’s convenient, effective and will help them target their unique problem areas without them having to undergo an invasive procedure that will require downtime and leave scars.

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