A Few Preparations To Do Before Eyelid Surgery

You need to make sure that you’re fully prepared for the treatment before you get prepared for Eyelid Surgery Toronto, also known as blepharoplasty procedure. It is one of the most common forms of cosmetic treatments that are used to tighten or eliminate extra skin around the eyes. But you must first do several preparations before undergoing the procedure:

  • Get in touch with your eye doctor

You can go to the eye specialist for a thorough eye examination before going for eyelid surgery. Your eye doctor can monitor your eye protection and look for eye issues or eyelid surgery complications. This includes macular degeneration, diabetic eye infections, dry eye, and cataracts due to age. The observations must be discussed with your surgeon to guarantee that your eyelid surgery is safe.

  • Visit your Physician

You can also go to a general physician clinic to ensure that you are in proper health to continue your eyelid treatment. To ensure that you are a good candidate, the doctor has to evaluate all medical issues, like healing concerns, aspirin use, or circulatory problems.

  • Take a near one with you

You can’t go back home from the surgeon’s clinic, so it’s a smart idea to take someone with you to bring you home back after the procedure. This is just an ambulatory operation, so you won’t sit in the hospital overnight. You should make friends or family members at home to keep an eye on you for the recovery after the surgery.

  • Stop Smoking

You must quit smoking several weeks before you undergo the procedure, whether it is cigarettes, vaping, or something else. Moreover, you must also refrain from smoking for long weeks after the surgery.  Smoking prevents the capacity of your body to heal after procedures and causes surgery complications. You should completely avoid smoking for your well-being. Anesthesia is best tolerated by nonsmokers and their respiratory systems are much better than smokers.

  • Follow your surgeon’s instructions

Your surgeon gives you thorough guidance on your eyelid surgery for optimal healing and outcome. He will take the time to stop smoking, drinking and wear make-up or lotion on your face before surgery.

  • Call for queries

Call your surgeon for directions if you have any questions about your eyelid surgery. Their experienced staff will answer any questions you might have and make you relax.