Full cheeks have been deemed classic signs of a beautiful and youthful looking face. Sunken and sagging cheeks would make your face look older. It would create a tired look. Mid face-lift has been one of the common plastic surgery procedures, but the state of the art non-surgical liquid Botox treatment could create a beautiful full looking mid-face in lesser time.

Problems experienced by women

As the woman ages, it has been a given fact that she would be nearing her menopause some time in her mid forties. It would also be given that a number of psychological and physical changes would accompany this event. Dry skin, thinning of hair and wrinkles has been some of the effects of menopause. However, what happens with men when they near their forties? Would they be experiencing similar events?

Problems experienced by men

As per several doctors, most men would experience a number of symptoms that have been directly associated with their age. It would not be wrong to suggest that men too suffer from a huge list of problems peculiar to aging. This would be inclusive of failing energy levels, reduced muscle mass, fat accumulation in the midriff area and the tendency to fall asleep during the day. This has been termed as andropause. They would also experience wrinkles and saggy skin.

Cause of Sunken and Sagging Cheeks

Young children and babies have chubby faces. The reason has been availability of a structure known as the malar fat pad that is known to rest firmly on top of the cheekbone in various children and young adults. People often start thinking about Botox treatment after their face begins to age.

Skin aging also causes sagging of the facial skin. Gravity might pull the face skin down as people age. The malar fat pad would slide down and into the face. The effect results in a sunken cheek on and below the mid face, where the fat pad once used to be.

Yet another effect would be sagging skin and fullness below the mid face that has been closer to the mouth and nose. This fullness and aging would also create a fold of skin that might hang over the mouth. These are popularly called nose to mouth lines. As the sagging face tends to get worse, the skin would fold and fall down to the chin and jaw line area, thus creating jowls and marionette lines.

Seeking Botox treatment

Several clinics offer Botox treatment. However, you would be required to choose the right options suitable to your needs. A good option would be to log on epilationlaserplus.com.

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