For decades now, marijuana consumption has been considered as a drug with immense negative effects. Everything has always revolved around the notion of weed being immoral and unhealthy. Well, no one is to blame; perhaps that’s what we all needed to know then. But, have you ever sought to find out if either of the things you were told about marijuana is true?

The truth is, most of the talk and bad mouthing you heard about marijuana is a mere myth. There’s no basis or evidence to support some of the assertions.  With society now leaning towards embracing marijuana, we feel this is the time to debunk some of the common myths and separate truth from fiction.

What Are the Common Myths About Marijuana?

The need to demystify all these myths is to ensure you make a well-informed decision about using the drug. Even if you don’t consume weed, chances are you know someone who takes a puff once in a while.

Taking Weed Means, You Are into Crime

This is a myth that sounds almost familiar to everyone. Even in the weed dispensaries near me, I hear some folks trying to stigmatize genuine and innocent pot smokers. I don’t blame them; perhaps that’s what they grew up knowing.

From what I know, this myth has been one of the largest arguments the anti-legalization crowd has employed to discourage pot legalization. The fact is, pot-smoking and crime have nothing in common.

Studies have been conducted to dispel this myth in areas where weed is legal to ascertain the crime rate. Most findings state that there is no significant increase in crime in areas where marijuana is legal. Therefore, next time you hear someone openly supporting this myth, kindly ignore them.

Marijuana Leads You into Abusing Other Hard Drugs

This is another archaic concept about marijuana you need to ignore. Even at the weed dispensary near me, this is one of the notions they’ve urged most users to not listen to at all. It is a misleading myth that paints the drug in the same light as heroin, cocaine, and other drugs considered to be highly addictive.

The mere fact is; marijuana is more of a withdrawal drug. It is known to help most people to recover from heavy substance abuse.  Weed is a drug that helps regulate serotonin and dopamine. In most cases, it helps your body come back into balance rather than leading it into more substance addiction.

Weed Causes Cancer

I believe this is a myth arrived at as a result of confusing marijuana and tobacco. The fact that tobacco smoking leads to cancer does not mean weed falls in the same category. There’s little evidence connecting pot consumption to causing cancer.

On the contrary, medicinal marijuana is sometimes used to treat cancer symptoms such as pain and nausea. Though not conclusive, some studies point to cannabis as a potential treatment for cancer.

Final Thought

Myths about marijuana merely exist as mechanisms of truth distortion. Though some of them come close to representing the truth, many are only aimed at discouraging marijuana consumption.

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