It’s always a good idea to get some solid advice by taking your children in for regular check-ups with a pediatrician. Weill Cornell’s pediatric program partners with the Phyllis and David Komansky Center for Children’s Health to handle situations requiring more than a simple office visit. This premier New York children’s hospital provides world-class service to children in need.

What Do You Do For Children?

We give your child a thorough assessment when you bring them in and discuss the progress they’re making. We document any concerns and make recommendations on what you should do next. Our staff does their best to answer any questions you bring to us.

We believe it’s important to help parents understand what’s going on with their child’s condition. Our staff offers advice on everything from nutrition to how to keep up with good hygiene.

Can You Help With My Child’s Condition?

We’re there at the hospital with you when a serious situation flares up. Weill Cornell has specialists on staff who understand the unique nature of children’s bodies and how to treat specific conditions when they present themselves.

Child Development – Helps children and their families cope with conditions related to physical, mental, and emotional development issues.

Allergy and Immunology – Works to pinpoint the source of what’s proving harmful to your child’s health.

Dental Services – Starts your child on the path to good oral care.

Adolescent Medicine – Tracks your teen as they transition to adulthood.

How Do You Help Children and Their Families?

Having a sick or injured child requiring a long hospital stay takes a lot out of families. It’s hard to maintain any sort of a normal life when you’re consumed with worry about what’s going to happen. Our doctors make sure you and your family know you’re not alone. We keep you updated about your child’s condition and provide you with resources to help you cope with a stressful situation.

Our Child Life Services makes sure your child remains engaged and in contact with people when other obligations keep you from being there. You get some peace of mind knowing that your child isn’t being left on their own in a New York children’s hospital when they need their spirits lifted.

Child Life Services also:

  • Help both parents and children with coping
  • Shows you how to handle your child’s medication
  • Get you prepared for any surgeries or procedures
  • Assist you in navigating numerous admissions
  • Helps siblings adjust to the situation

We take no shortcuts when it comes to your child’s care. Our staff makes the entire family a priority when you come in to see us.

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