Yoga is a big help in relieving lower back pain. This article explains why yoga works so well in pain management.

The ancient science of yoga continues to hold the world in thrall even today. It holds a host of physical, emotional and mental benefits for the serious practitioner. It removes disease and ill health, while promoting reduction in stress, elevated blood pressure and anxiety. Regular yoga practice holds the key to a holistic, healthy life.

It also has applications in relieving the aches and pains of daily life. If you suffer from back pain, then you should take the help of yoga for lower back pain.

Why try yoga for lower back pain…

Yoga asanas (exercises) follow a system of rhythmic stretching and contracting of the body’s muscles and joints. Each asana follows a certain timed rhythm, neither too fast or too slow. Yoga practitioners follow each asana in a certain sequence and timing. The basic principle is to stretch the body to create tension, but not in an unbearable or painful way.

Depending on which yoga asana you employ, you can see the benefits in many ways. It is said that there is at least one asana for every part of the body, and including the internal organs!

There are several asanas in yoga for lower back pain. Be sure to get an experienced yoga teacher to guide you through each exercise and to check your form – you could do it wrong and create a bigger pain for yourself! Generally, you should try asanas which lightly twist your spine (spine twist pose in lying down position), or which elongate the back (cat pose), raise the hips (downward dog pose) or tense up the shoulders and upper back (the Sphinx pose).

Practice each asana regularly to reap the maximum benefits of yoga for lower back pain. Soon, your back will feel suppler and more flexible, and your pain will reduce before becoming a thing of the past.

Meanwhile, use simple remedies for lower back pain

There are some simple measures you can employ to get relief from persistent lower back pain. Try –

* Applying a pain relief spray or cream. Every night, apply a good pain relief spray or cream on your painful lower back. Then just go to sleep and let the cream/spray heal the pain by the time you wake up.

* Sleep on it. Sleeping in a comfortable position for at least 7 hours a night will do wonders to remove back pain.

* Correct your posture. Wrong posture can result in shoulder and back pain. Push your shoulders back and straighten your spine when you sit, stand or walk.

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