There are very few people who like summer, most prefer winter only. In fact, there are many types of skin problems associated with summer. During this season, the skin starts to dry, the brightness of the skin and the softness goes away and the hair loss starts. Those people who live more in the sun also have to face problems such as sunburn, tanning, and rashes.

If you want to keep your skin and hair shine in the summer as winter, then definitely try these tips.

  • Put some rose leaves in the water before bathing. It keeps the hands and feet clean and does not smell of sweat.
  • A bucket mixed with 2 lemon juice in cold or lukewarm water, the colour of the skin starts to glow.
  • Mix lemon juice and glycerine and put in the sunlight for five minutes, then rub it on the elbows, blackness will be clean.
  • Massaging hair with curd makes the hair soft, dense, dark, shiny and long.
  • Mixing Amla powder in lemon juice and applying it in the root of the hair, by this hair starts to grow fast.
  • Mixing turmeric in raw milk to keep the skin covered with a protein treatment.
  • Grind gram pulse and mixing rose water in it, there is a lot of brightness in the skin.
  • Applying granulation, the faces of the face are gradually light and the scars are removed.
  • To soak the black spot around the eyes, soak the raw milk in cotton.
  • Grind almonds and wash the face in it by adding cream and cold milk. This will keep the skin freshen up.
  • During summer, hair has to face heavy heat and sweating, so it is very necessary to maintain moisture in the hair, thus using ‘heat protector hairspray’ to protect hair from harmful ultraviolet rays. It will be beneficial. It also helpful for hair loss control
  • Washing more hair can reduce natural oils in the scalp, which can lead to hair becoming stiff and you may feel the need to wash hair again and again. After going to a beach or in the pool, wash the hair normally by running the shower. Use natural dry shampoo instead of regular shampoo.
  • Lemon is most effective in enhancing beauty. Mixing lemon juice in the bath water gives freshness to the bath.
  • Mix honey with lemon juice and remove it from the hair.
  • Use Moisturizers. This will keep the skin soft.

These are few of the strategies that can be used to get rid of the skin warts problem in the summers.

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