Do you need a special gift for a loved one who needs some TLC? Whether they have the flu, a broken bone, a challenging pregnancy, or are simply struggling at the moment or even if they’re going through cancer treatments, these gifts are sure to please.

Here are our top 10:

1. Cosy Bed Socks

There is nothing that says cosy like warm fuzzy socks. Tied with a pretty ribbon and presented in a gift box, they’re readily available in mohair and other favourites for both him and her. These treats will be warmly received.

2. Chocolate

When the going gets tough, the tough turn to chocolate. It’s vital to show your support to your friends and family during difficult times. Chocolate is a gift that is well received and will give them a little boost and tell them that you’re thinking of them. Think Belgian milk chocolates and the messages that they can be impressed with.

3. Nightwear

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in bed for days on end. A new pair of PJs or a new nightgown can make a huge difference in the hospital, or at home. It’s the ideal addition to get well faster. Button-front PJs are ideal for both men and women, especially if they struggle with mobility issues. Light kimonos are cool in summer and nice to layer in the wintertime.

4. Pampered Gift Sets

There’s nothing like a pamper gift set to make someone feel special. These are encouraging and fun and will give your special friend some pampering that is well deserved. Consider natural toiletries, scented candles and other essentials that are all safe. This will show them that you’re thinking of them.

5. Puzzles or Puzzle Books

When you’re not feeling well, it can be boring, so why not get them something nice to do? Gifts will help them stay focused on something besides being ill.

“Jigsaw puzzles will be fun or a small puzzle book is ideal for at home or a hospital visit,” says a care assistant at Gabriel’s Angels.

6. Mindfulness Gifts

You’ll find a great number of these on the market today. You can help to reduce depression, anxiety and even stress with many of these. It can help a patient to cope and concentrate on something besides pain or chronic conditions. Ideal for insomnia, bereavement, serious illnesses and more. Invisible illnesses take a huge toll and these can help them to cope.

Mindfulness gifts may include books, calming or relaxing candles, journals for journaling, positive feedback gifts, soothing music and more.

7. Personalised Mugs

A personalised mug is a good British gift as it can serve that soothing cup of tea. While it may not be the perfect answer, the tea is sure to be soothing and a thoughtful gift. Consider a funny mug or something with a thoughtful expression on the mug. Pop in some extras and make it a fun gift set.

8. Unique Get Well Cards

Of course, there is a wide array of get well soon cards on the shelves today, why not make yours unique and a one of a kind? Your friends will appreciate that you have given them a unique, one of a kind gift card. You can make these yourself, special order them, or find them online in specialty shops. Your gift card should stand out from the crowd and you can make it do this by using your own creativity. Embellish a store-bought card and make it your own, print out a favourite photo and make that a gift card. Whatever you choose to do you can make your friends day and brighten it up by choosing the right gift card for the occasion. Your friends and family will really appreciate it when you do this.

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