Hair looks thinner when wet? Is it a sign of early stage hair loss?


Statistics say that every second or third person is troubled by the problem of hair loss and baldness. Washing hair daily can also be a cause of thin hair because many times hair looks very thin when it is wet this is also coming out as a new problem which leads to hair fall treatment. The skin of our head produces natural oil to avoid external damage, which makes the layer on the hair. If this oil is washed every day, then the hair becomes weak over the period of time.

Everyone wants their hair to be long, dense, shiny and healthy. But due to lack of care for the hair, this cannot be done and the resultant problems arise in the hair. Drying wet hair is like trouble for women due to a shortage of time, because hair is damaged by haste, here we are telling you some tips from which you can try for hair fall control

  • Use dry shampoo

Use a “dry shampoo” to treat your hair while washing. It keeps the hair fresh and makes the hair dense in appearance, which is an additional benefit. Dry shampoo is a powder in which you can comb your hair while washing, especially around the roots.

  • Do not comb wet hair

In haste, most women and girls make a mistake in combing wet hair. Avoid doing this. If the hair is wet, then resolve them with the help of fingers and comb them only when the hair gets dry.

  • Using Hair Dryer

Sometimes it is okay to use a hair dryer, but every day its uses results shagginess in the hair. So try to minimize its use and it will help you in hair loss control

  • Drying with towel

When your hair is wet, it is more likely to break them. If you want to use towels, do not rubbish hair, but keep it on your hair, lightly press it and bind it on your hair. Do not filter and rub with towels. You can also put a soft cotton t-shirt around your hair. Instead of drying hair together, divide it into three parts and dry.

  • Pay attention to food

Hair gets nutrition through eating. Especially the protein is very important for hair. So use more milk, curd, eggs, and pulses. Apart from this, vitamins are also important. Drink a glass of fresh fruit and vegetable juice daily for this.

One should pay great attention to their hair health, especially, if the hair is wet, we should let it dry naturally avoiding any dryer or any other artificial methods.