HIFU: What is the Purpose & Procedure

HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a non-invasive skin tightening procedure. This technique is intended to address facial aging, wrinkles on the upper chest and neck, and brow lifts. HIFU in Singapore is a cosmetic treatment that has quickly gained popularity because of its convenience and effectiveness. Among the primary reasons for its rising popularity is the effect is quite identical to facelifts, which is an invasive procedure. It is effective and lasts for up to one year.

HIFU is a face therapy that generates ultrasonic waves in the deep skin layers without damaging the top layer. The HIFU device generates heat which heats up the targeted cells, and these are subsequently healed by the body. While your body is repairing the cells, it also produces collagen, which helps in cell renewal.

What Takes Place During A HIFU Treatment?

An ultrasound device is utilized during the HIFU procedure to create heat deep below the skin. As a result of the heat damaging the targeted skin cells, your body attempts to heal the damaged cells. In order to do this, your body would manufacture collagen, which aids in cell renewal. Collagen provides your skin with its distinctive elasticity and structure. HIFU also helps in:

  • Skin tightening around the neck
  • Jowl reduction
  • Drooping eyes and eyebrows lifted
  • Smoothing out of facial wrinkles
  • Improved jawline definition
  • Tightening of the décolletage

What Are the Benefits of HIFU?

It’s Non-Invasive

The most significant benefit of this procedure is that it’s non-invasive. As a result, no surgical procedures such as incisions and stitches are required.

You Don’t Need Any Recovery Time

Because this is a totally non-surgical operation, there’s no need for any recovery time, unlike other surgical treatments, which need 3-4 weeks of recovery time based on the size of incisions made. As a result, whenever you leave your HIFU face treatment center, you may resume your usual life immediately.

It’s A Reasonably Priced Procedure

Despite being a high-tech procedure, HIFU in Singapore is reasonably priced, allowing you to receive treatment without worrying about the cost.

It’s Low-Risk

Because it’s a non-surgical method, there’s less danger factor involved, as opposed to surgical processes, which have a significantly larger risk factor involved. The only difference is that it would have minor swelling and redness for a few hours.

Lastly, this technique has an impressive record of great effectiveness and long-term benefits, with over 90 percent of individuals reporting pleasure with the results and their duration.

How Does a HIFU Treatment Feel Like?

Some customers describe a little prickly feeling. Others compare it to little electric pulses. There would just be little pain. This therapy, on the other hand, is rather painless. Following the procedure, you may have slight redness. There may also be some edema. But it only lasts a couple of hours.

It’s the most beneficial aspect of HIFU therapy. The recovery period is relatively brief. After the therapy, you may continue your normal activities. The procedure of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound has few negative effects. If you want the greatest results, you would require more than a single treatment.

Can HIFU Skin Tightening be used instead of Face Lift Surgery?

It’s evident why HIFU skin tightening therapy is likened to facelift procedures up to this point. It’s possible to infer that this procedure is a very appealing option for facelifts. HIFU therapy is an option for those who wish to tighten their skin but don’t want to undergo surgical procedures. Aside from that, there is no recovery period and minimal swelling in the target areas. You may notice some redness for several minutes. There is no discomfort throughout this procedure.