How Does Saliva Drug Test Work And How To Pass It?

Usually, a saliva drug test is much easier to pass as compared to blood or urine test as it does not detect the use of drugs from more than a few days ago. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take necessary precautions because labs use the latest drug testing technologies, which are always changing. Saliva or mouth swab test is very common in many industries as they seek to hire the ideal candidates. Besides, the drug test is also pretty common in other places where the results could be useful. In most cases, the advice available online on how to pass a saliva drug test is either harmful or ineffective, but there are a number of ways to increase your chances. However, before we look at these ways you need to understand how an oral test works first.

How saliva test works

For this test, those who are testing take a sterilized cotton swab and proceed to use it in swabbing the inner side of your mouth. This allows them to take samples from your saliva that they take to the laboratory for analysis. The analyzing process of the saliva is able to detect if your body system has any sort of a drug. This would be a big problem, especially if it involves one risking losing a job or being arrested for driving under influence of any banned substance like marijuana.

How to pass a saliva test

  1. Avoid drugs before the test

In most cases, you will be aware of when you will be required to take a saliva test, for example if you are invited for an interview or intend to take a long drive. It is advisable to prepare yourself in advance to ensure that you pass the test. The first thing to do is avoid taking any sort of drugs for the last 72 hours before the test, especially if you are a heavy user. Usually, a saliva drug test can only detect drugs in your system if you had taken the drugs in the last 48 hours.

  1. Wipe your mouth with a cotton swab

Secondly, it is also advisable to use a cotton swab to wipe the inner sides of your mouth. This may help in getting rid of oral fluids with traces of the drug that you might have used earlier.

  1. Brush your teeth regularly

It is recommended to brush your teeth twice daily for several minutes, rinse and spit afterwards. You should remember to include your cheeks and tongue to ensure that there is no build up of old oral fluids from earlier drug use.

  1. Chew breath mints or gum

Chewing breath mints or gum helps change the oral fluids, which makes mouth swab drug test less effective. In most cases, people prefer strong mint or cinnamon flavors, but it is not clear which one is more effective.

  1. Rinse your mouth

Another effective way to ensure that you pass a saliva drug test is rinsing your mouth with a mouthwash or water frequently. Rinsing with a mouthwash is more likely to get rid of drug-related molecules as compared to water. It is also important to understand that there are detox mouthwash products that claim to be specially designed for individuals taking drug tests. However, there is no scientific evidence that they are more effective than ordinary mouthwash.


Overall, passing a saliva drug test can be a bit tricky because it applies the latest technology that is always changing. However, with a few proven ways like the ones discussed above, it can be a piece of cake. Combining all the above-mentioned ways before a drug test increases the chances of passing it.