How Float Therapy Can Change Your Life

Floatation therapy is carried out via the use of sensory deprivation, where one lays in a special isolation tank and floats on water which has been combined with salts. This is becoming a more and more popular method in the alternative medicine world in Australia as a form of relaxation, meditation, and just a place to reach a state of bliss.

After trying just the one time, you will never be the same person again and like most others return for more! Let’s see just why:

Stress Begone

If you have a stressful job or life with many responsibilities, or just completed a thorough exercise workout, then floatation therapy is for you. Just feel that stress drift away as your mind lets your body forget about everything and you become totally relaxed. After a long day at work or doing your very best as a spouse or parent, relaxing in a float tank in Fremantle will feel like bliss!

Body, and Mind Detox

After stress eradication, you can also now allow for your body to fully go into relax mode. Your nervous system will slow down and the tranquillity of the central nervous system now allows for your body to go on to repair other parts of your body also. Many people have reported that their digestive system really picked up and were then able to enjoy their food more. And when you combine this with new great eating habits, you will really be on to a winner!

Finding Out Your Real Self

  • Spending time alone with no stimuli such as sight, or sound, you’ll then start to look within your own mind and feel your consciousness expand.
  • Once in a state of meditation, you can begin to search within for answers to questions about life which you may have asked yourself before, but forgotten. (We all have them!)
  • For a lot of people who have high stress jobs, family, and an inadequate health condition, it can be difficult to ever give oneself the time and peace in order to attain a higher state of mind which allows for inner knowledge.
  • Once you are inside the float tank, and after removing yourself from such concerns, you will be able to find a rare peacefulness that allows for you to breathe correctly, quieten and free your mind like never before.

Hello to Heightened Creativity

After being in almost a trance like condition, and becoming aware of yourself and drifting towards the sub-conscious, you will begin to see new horizons of creativity emerge, and especially if you’re someone who has recently been going through some kind of creative blockage. This has been reported by numerous people who were going through a period where their creative tap had somehow been turned to a dribble or completely turned off. The floatation therapy was the way they got the juices flowing again and back on their feet.

With so much positivity surrounding it, floatation therapy’s future is beyond a doubt on an upward spiral!