The main reason for hair loss problems is a modern lifestyle, stressful life, and poor diet. Sometimes, due to lack of proper nutrition, the follicles begin to block, due to which the hair starts falling and thin. If the hair does not get proper treatment, then there may be a problem of baldness.

In some people, hair loss is genetic, so some people’s hair starts falling at the age of 18-19. At the same time, some people’s hair falls after 45 years although there are many treatments and therapies already available to improve the health of the hair.

Hair Vitalizing Treatment

Now, the way to increase hair is to find out. You can reduce your hair loss problem easily with Dr. Batra’s hair vitalizing treatment. Dr. Batras’ Hair Vitalizing Serum helps in hair growth and reduce hair fall. This Hair Vitalizing Serum restores the vitality of hair and makes hair denser and stronger. It also contains Thuja, which is a good DHT inhibitor balancing the scalp oil production by improving blood circulation and cleaning out clogged hair follicle thereby preventing hair loss. It is very natural and safe serum that makes your hair soft, strong and shiny. It has herbal fragrance which becomes milder after a few hours.

Pros of Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Treatment:

  • Makes hair smooth and soft.
  • Doesn’t make hair greasy.
  • It adds shine to the hair.
  • It acts as a hair fall solution.
  • Helpful for Damaged Hair, Chemically Treated Hair, and all hair types.
  • Formulated for Anti-hair Fall, Anti-frizz, Shine & Gloss, Straightening & Smoothening, Styling.
  • US-FDA approved low-level laser therapy.
  • Treatment to restore growth of hair follicles.
  • The procedure takes just 20 minutes once a week
  • 90% treatment success rate.

Why Dr. Batra’s?

This hair vitalizing treatment at Dr. Batra’s helps in the growth of new hair from the root and also makes dense hair. In this way, with the help of vitalizing treatments, the hair can again be denser and its brightness can also be obtained. With this technique, hair can be grown fresh from the fat cell found under the skin. Stem cells present in them will help to grow hair. Stem cells play an important role in hair reconstruction as well as hair growth.
It helps to prolong the life cycle of hair as it is enriched with Natural Hops, Ginseng, Capsicum Extract, and Pisum Sativum Sprout Extract. It has some Key Benefits:

  • Helps to make hair stronger
  • Helps stimulate hair growth
  • Help reduce hair breakage
  • Helps regain vitality of hair


It is a new advance revolutionary hair fall treatment which does not have any Side Effects. The procedure involves administering growth factors, vitamins, and proteins in the scalp of patients suffering from hair fall.

We encourage patients to come to our clinics and discuss the problem and the methods of treatment. We love to help our clients and provide them with great results.

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