Incredible Things Botox Besides Relaxing Wrinkles

Manage acne

Botox can restrict oil production, minimising acne breakouts. Small amounts of Botox are injected very superficially to help minimise oil production. Though it can technically be used to silence oil production anywhere on the face, don’t overuse due to the potential effects it has on muscular activity.

Replicate a nose job

At about the age of 40, the nose can become more hooked, which make your entire face seem droopy; Botox can help with this by lifting the nose in just ten minutes. During treatment, a skilled injector will inject Botox at the base of the nose to release the depressor muscles that are pulling down the nose.

Soften your chin and jawline 

Dermatologists can inject small injections of Botox into the area, which narrows the jawline and shrinks the muscle. The results can last for up to a year and can also have other positive effects, such as relieving the soreness and pain that result from teeth grinding and making your cheeks look more lifted.

Tighten up jowls

A little Botox along the muscles of the jawbone can pull the skin up for a newly defined effect.

Lift up the lips

Botox can be injected along the border of the upper lip to roll the top lip out and up slightly, so it becomes plumper. Because this method requires less Botox than other facial areas, lifting the lips is also a less expensive option. Its imperative that you find an experienced dermatologist or injector who works at a well-known clinic such as; renowned cosmetic clinic — epiclinic, to administer your Botox injections to ensure your desired results.

Smooth the neck

Small amounts of Botox are injected into the muscles below and above the lines all around the neck; the lines become relaxed, and as a result the skin looks smoother. Botox, once again, is the answer. By relaxing the muscles in the neck, it can soften wrinkles and lift the face. Botox is not a permanent fix though, so you will need to go for repeat injections 3 to 4 times a year.

Prevent migraines

The theory when it comes to utilising Botox to treat migraines is that Botox helps to block the pain signals that are sent to the brain thus it relaxes the muscles in the head, and they don’t become as sensitive to the pain associated to migraines. A doctor needs to inject Botox into the scalp, temples and forehead. It’s an excellent method of treatment for individuals who have constant migraines that don’t improve with migraine medications.

Make blowouts last

Some women who have Botox injected into their forehead have reported that their blowouts last longer and that they don’t sweat around their hairline anymore. Several women take the no-sweat effect to the next level and have started getting Botox injections to keep their blowouts fresher for longer by having Botox injected into their hairline on the scalp.