Iqaluit Dental Clinic Discusses How to Prevent Your Child from Needing Braces


According to Iqaluit Dental Clinic, braces used to be an innovative solution that became popular enough to be considered a norm for every teen and pre-teen kid. However, they also have their disadvantages. For kids, the greatest disadvantage is how they look. They may lead to self-esteem issues in your child. Let’s check out how to prevent your child from needing braces.

The Discussion

  1. Good oral hygiene techniques – Everyone starts their child early on with good oral hygiene. However, just making your teeth brush their teeth from a young age isn’t enough. For proper oral development, you also need to imbue them with the right dental hygiene techniques.

That means you need to teach them the proper brushing guidelines. Teach them how to brush the back, the chewing surfaces, and the sides. Teach them how to floss properly and avoid swallowing toothpaste. When your children adopt such practices from a young age, there are fewer risks of decay. Warding off decay reduces the risks of adopting braces.

  1. Early orthodontic interventions – Early interventions can work wonders when it comes to the development of a child’s mouth. Early consultations with orthodontic specialists can lower the chances of needing braces. An orthodontic specialist looks at and measures your child’s jaws and teeth to evaluate them and figure out the growth and development trajectory.

They can suggest when to keep a baby tooth for a bit longer and when to get rid of it early on to influence the shape of the set of teeth in a favourable way. They can offer you a better strategy to control and influence the future development of your child’s mouth so that your child doesn’t need braces in the future.

  1. Discourage mouth breathing – Children and a significant number of adults breathe through their mouths frequently. Unfortunately, frequently breathing through your mouth can misalign the teeth. That’s why you need to discourage such behaviour in your children from an early age and set up measures to prevent that. Treat your child’s nasal problems early on and if you notice them breathing heavily or snoring during sleep, get a doctor’s appointment to fix the problem.
  1. Discourage thumb sucking and sleeping on the stomach – Sucking on the thumb or fingers is bad for oral hygiene. The same holds for pacifiers. Those habits increase teeth misalignment and that’s why they need to be discouraged with strict measures and heavy monitoring.

The same holds for sleeping on the stomach. Even if your child looks adorable sleeping on their stomach, it’s bad for oral development since it presses their jaw against the pillow or the bed. Make sure you teach your child proper sleeping habits from an early age.


Iqaluit Dental Clinic suggests that you use the tips mentioned above for the good oral development of your child. That way your child has fewer risks of developing deformed teeth. On the other hand, if budget isn’t an issue, you can get Invisalign straightening systems for your kid.