Munjal Shah to Expound on Promise of AI in Healthcare at Leading Digital Health Summit

Munjal Shah, CEO of startup Hippocratic AI, will speak at the 3rd Annual West Coast Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit on February 6-7 in La Jolla, California. In his talk, Shah will discuss the transformative potential of using generative artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare.

Shah co-founded Hippocratic AI in 2022 to develop large language models for non-diagnostic healthcare applications such as patient education, chronic care management, and administrative assistance. The company aims to help address critical shortages of healthcare professionals through “super-staffing,” using AI to expand access to quality care.

The Digital Health Summit brings together innovators and thought leaders across healthcare and technology. It offers an ideal opportunity for Munjal Shah to share his perspectives on integrating AI into health services. His presentation is expected to cover topics like:

– The ethical considerations of using AI in healthcare

– The importance of safety and reliability for AI-driven medical applications

– How AI could help bridge gaps in equity and access to care

The wider summit agenda also includes sessions on securing contracts with healthcare enterprises, healthcare investment trends, the regulatory landscape’s influence on digital health, reinventing clinical trials via digital health tech, value-based care transformation, integrating healthtech and fintech to improve affordability, and incentivizing healthy behaviors. The event concludes by presenting the 2024 Digital Healthcare Innovator Award.

About Munjal Shah

As Hippocratic AI’s CEO, Munjal Shah is at the forefront of developing a safety-focused large language model for the healthcare sector. Prior to launching Hippocratic AI in 2022, Shah built several successful machine learning and computer vision startups later acquired by Google and Alibaba. He is also an active angel investor in over 40 startups and early-stage venture funds.

Shah holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UC San Diego and a master’s degree focused on AI from Stanford. With his extensive background spanning healthcare leadership, Medicare administration, and AI research, he brings valuable perspective on AI’s potential in healthcare.

At the Digital Health Summit, Munjal Shah will share key insights from his experience as both a tech entrepreneur and CEO of an emerging leader in applied healthcare AI. His talk aims to spur further discussion around AI’s responsible development and integration to benefit health systems and patients worldwide.