It takes a bit of practice and some amount of care to wear a condom correctly. Read on to know how to do it right.

It’s a matter of grave mystery if you’ve never tried it before – you’re wondering how to use a condom, and if you can do it correctly.

Don’t worry about it – every man interested in having responsible sex uses a condom. And it’s not that difficult to wear it either. Here’s how to use a condom like a pro –

* First things first. Always remember that a condom is to be worn on an erect penis only. The first time you are about to enter your partner, your penis might not be fully erect. Masturbate yourself for a few seconds to achieve the necessary erection, and get the condom ready meanwhile. Put it on quickly and proceed with penetration or oral sex.

* Handle with care. The best condoms are wrapped individually in sturdy plastic packaging. This is done to ensure that the condom does not come to harm by the time it reaches you. However, you might find it a little tricky to open the condom pack the first time. Tear off one corner smoothly, making sure that you don’t tear the condom while removing it from the package. Your fingernails must not pierce the latex – if you feel that the condom has torn while wearing it or during sex, stop at once and get a fresh one.

* Roll it on carefully. Once your penis is erect, put the condom ring on the tip and roll the condom downward along the penis shaft. Do not open it fully before wearing it, or else it will not fit correctly. Pinch the condom’s teat while unrolling it – there is an air bubble there that must be pushed out – so that the condom does not burst or tear during sex.

* Remove carefully after use. The condom holds the ejaculate so that it does not enter the vaginal cavity and potentially cause a pregnancy. Once you have finished having sex, the penis begins to get flaccid. This means that the condom can soon become quite big for it. You must withdraw your penis carefully from the vagina, keeping the condom intact. Hold the rim of the condom with your hand while withdrawing your penis, so that the semen does not seep out onto your partner or the sheets. Now remove the condom, knot it to hold the semen inside, and wrap it in a tissue paper before throwing it in the trash. Wash your penis carefully and use a fresh condom if you are about to have sex again, using the steps outlined above.

With regular practice, you will know how to use a condom even with your eyes closed – though we suggest that you keep your eyes wide open for sex!

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