If we have missing teeth in our oral cavity, we must never leave the space created by a missing tooth as it is. After some time, the absence of even a single tooth in the jaw can create multiple oral health issues like malocclusion, bone resorption, periodontal diseases, and even more decay.

If you live in Rancho Penasquitos, you can get perfectly made dentures from the Hekmat Dental Care clinic located in San Diego, California. They provide replacement for missing teeth in the form of partial or complete dentures and also porcelain crowns depending upon your preference, dental needs, and affordability.

Signs which signal that a denture is required

Escondido is just a short drive from San Diego where you can get a consultation from many reputed dental practices. The following signs signals that you need to get a denture or other forms of tooth replacement treatment:

  • Gaps in between two or more teeth:
  • Gaps affect oral health in 2 negative ways.
  • Firstly, food gets stuck in the gap causing decay.
  • Secondly, it increases the risk of developing severe periodontal disease.
  • To treat gaps, dentists usually extract a tooth or two and fill the gap with dentures or crowns.
  • Chronic toothaches:
  • When we fail to show up for our routine dental checkups, we fail to detect decay at the enamel layer.
  • When tooth pain becomes chronic, tooth decay has already affected the inner layers requiring extraction.
  • Periodontal diseases:
  • Severe periodontal disease loosens the tooth from its socket that can cause tooth loss even in middle-aged people.
  • Missing teeth are affecting the occlusion and the ability to chew certain types of foods:
  • When we have one or several teeth missing in the oral cavity, it allows the neighboring teeth to shift towards that missing space.
  • This affects our occlusion and even our ability to chew food.
  • Inability to confidently smile:
  • Aesthetics get affected because of teeth missing in the oral cavity.
  • If it is affecting your smile and thus, your self-image, you must get a denture to replace those missing teeth and get your smile back.

Denture materials

You can get your dentures made from a local Rancho Bernardo dentistry service so that it is easy for you to show up for multiple sittings required for fabricating a denture. There are 2 main types of materials used to fabricate dentures:

  • Acrylic resin:
  • It is more commonly used because it adheres more securely with the denture base.
  • Acrylic teeth are very light and also provide a better occlusion.
  • Porcelain:
  • These are more natural-looking teeth and resemble the enamel of natural teeth.
  • There are more color-matching options in porcelain teeth.
  • Even the feels of teeth are similar to natural ones.

The dental plate can also be formed from different materials, which your dentist will decide depending upon the health of your jaw.

There are many Rancho Bernardo dental practices where you can get high-quality dentures that will last for decades. Even dentures need regular oral hygiene care like our natural teeth, which will prolong the life of the dentures.

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