The only thing more important to you than your child’s oral health is the doctor entrusted to take care of them. Selecting the perfect pediatric dentist can potentially be a tricky and lengthy decision. Not to mention finding a doctor you’re thrilled with in a city as big as Bangkok. There are a lot of options out there, but thankfully, this quick guide has your best interests in mind.

Must Love Children

It might seem like it’s an unspoken suggestion, but you can truly never be too careful when it comes to the dentist that will be treating your child. Therefore, specifically seek out dentistry clinics that have both a reputation for working successfully with children, as well as a clinic that focuses specifically on child dentistry. Remember, just because “pediatrics” is advertised, doesn’t mean a clinic has exactly what you or your child need. Don’t be afraid to be thorough.

Then, visit potential clinics and see for yourself, firsthand, how doctors interact with their child patients. While there, pay close attention to things such as decorations, waiting room materials, and even the ambiance of the clinic. Ask yourself if this is a place where your child would be comfortable receiving dental care. You want your child’s dentist to be child-friendly, welcoming, respectful, and work to make the overall experience a positive one.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

Talk to your friends, have your friends talk to their friends, and seek out reviews online, too. Reviews can provide you with invaluable information when it comes to what different options are out there when it comes to pediatric dentistry in Bangkok. Furthermore, knowing others have had a positive experience at a specific clinic will set options apart for you. Also, seeing patient reviews online will give you an idea of the reputations different dentistry clinics have.


Finally, the best clinics for your child will have both preventative and restorative services available. Meaning, services like oral hygiene instruction, diet counselling, fluoride treatment, fillings, and stainless-steel crowns are basics that should be accessible at a clinic. Furthermore, a pediatric dentist should also be able to easily provide an oral growth and development plan, specifically, for your child. This is important because your child is growing and so are their teeth and mouth and, therefore, the best dentist should have a carefully outlined plan for his or her timeline of treatment.

The bottom line when it comes to a pediatric dentist in a city like Bangkok is that it’s a big choice for you. However, if you keep in mind things such as reviews, recommendations, specific services offered at a clinic, and the overall environment of a clinic, you’re sure to make the perfect choice for you and your child.



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