The Importance of Regular Dental Check Ups

Regularly seeing a dentistin Bundoora can play a major role in maintaining your oral hygiene and keeping you healthy. Dentists assess patients who come in for basic check-ups before providing treatment for any issues relating to their teeth and gums. In addition to providing preventative care and treatment, they can also help educate patients on how to best manage their oral health correctly. Ultimately, maintaining your oral health goes beyond just brushing and flossing, making it important to visit your dentist in Bundoora on a frequent basis. Read on to find out five important reasons to undergo regular dental check-ups.

Thorough Cleaning

Regular dental check-ups are important as they give your teeth the opportunity to undergo a thorough clean. While proper brushing and flossing can help to keep your teethclean, this isn’t always enough. When you manually clean your teeth yourself, you’re likely to miss some hard to reach places. This causes a build-up of plaque and tartar which can lead to cavities. However, when you visit a professional dentist in Bundoora for a thorough cleaning,you can ensure plaque is removed regularly before it can lead to further problems.

Proper Examination and Early Detection

Frequent examinations of your mouth are vital when it comes to maintaining your dental health. When youget examined by a dentist regularly, any minor problems or changes can be identified before they turn into major problems. This is very important in order to avoid issues in the future. For example, if a cavity isn’t examined as soon as possible,instead of only needing a filling, it can cause a bigger issue and require the entire toothto be pulled out.

Your dentist in Bundoora will perform a thorough inspection of your mouth that includes checking your teeth for cavities, examining your gums for gum disease, and inspecting your neck, faceand jaw for any abnormalities.

Avoid Bad Breath

Regular dental visits and getting professional cleans can help you keep your teeth and mouth smelling as fresh as possible. By visiting a dentist in Bundoora, you can avoid bad breath caused by tobacco, poor oral hygiene, gum disease, or having bits of food stuck between your teeth that are left to rot.

 Prevent Tooth Loss

Poor oral hygiene can lead to dental diseases that can cause your teeth to fall out. In order to avoid tooth loss, it’s important to visit your dentist in Bundoora regularly so you can get the dental treatments you need. Your dentistwillensure your teeth, gums and mouth are healthy and clean, which will result in stronger and healthier teeth.

Oral Cancer Screening

A dentist in Bundoora can detect the early signs of oral cancer andsignificantly improve your chances of overcoming it, making it vital to see a dentist regularly. During your visit, your dentist will perform an oral cancer screening test and check for any abnormalities. This will give you peace of mind that your overall health is of a high standard.