Addiction is an illness that affects very many people across the globe. For addiction to be combated, it requires individualized treatments and modalities that fight the symptoms that you have. Other than gathering symptoms, the route course needs to be dealt with first so that the addiction can be dealt with. Every addict faces different symptoms from the drugs they use and some of the symptoms are anxiety, mental and physical health and they cannot also socialise with their peers. There are very many therapy options available for drug addicts and you need to know which one benefits a certain patient and which one doesn’t.

Categories of rehab treatment

  • Inpatient or residential rehab

Residential inpatient treatment are live-in treatments where patients get supervised treatments and structured overlook strategies to deal with their adduction. This particular program lasts for one month and it may be followed by outpatient recuperation. Monitoring also depends on the program you have chosen since some facilities offer 24/7 monitoring from specialists.

  • Outpatient rehab

Outpatient rehab is a bit different from inpatient rehab. When it comes to outpatient programs, addicts are given a chance to attend therapy and access treatments on their own time since patients don’t have to live in the facility for them to get treated. Outpatient programs are normally carried out in treatment centres and hospital-affiliated clinics. Moreover, outpatient programs give addicts a chance to access treatments at night and over the weekend as well.

  • Detoxification

A managed detox program helps patients to overcome their withdrawal symptoms. For this strategy to work,the patient has to be on detox for a maximum of one year and then afterwards they need to sign up for an inpatient program.

How to help someone with an addiction

  • Have realistic expectations

When you come across an assistant, lecture to them or preach to them since they won’t listen to you when you use such a tone on them. Instead of lecturing them, try to offer help to them and speak positive words to them as well. Moreover, don’t expect addicts to keep their word because they are not in the right mental state to do this. Also, make sure you approach them the way you would approach anyone else, don’t approach them with pity because you will fall for their lies.

  • Take care of yourself

The moment you have decided to help an addict, make sure you focus on yourself as well. Don’t go to help an addict when you have issues you need to deal with because you will end up removing all your frustrations on the addict and it won’t help things. One other thing you need to remind yourself as an assistant is that you are not the only one going through various difficulties in your life, there are so many people going through the same as well.


Addicts need to be taken care of and looked after so that they could end the cycle of doing drugs. In case your child or friend is an addict you could help them through the ways listed above or you could end up taking them to the facilities that we have mentioned.

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