Understanding Different Types of Flavoured Condoms

Flavored condoms are the most perplexing of all the different types of condom options on the market. After all, why should a piece of genital protective equipment be flavored?

Flavored condoms, it turns out, have a logical reason for existence (aside from sales), and you’ve most likely been using them incorrectly.

Before you dismiss them as another sales tactic and continue on your way, here’s a flavored condom 101 for you!

What Are Flavoured Condoms Best Used For?

The reason why condoms have flavor is that they are intended to be used during oral sex. Anyone who has tried oral contraception over a condom knows how bad latex can taste. This type of condom’s flavored coating helps to mask the taste of latex and makes oral sex more enjoyable.

Wait, Why Are Condoms Required For Oral Sex In The First Place?

While oral sex can be a fun way to get your partner to new levels of ecstasy, it can also spread dangerous STDs including chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, and even HIV. STDs can transmit even if your partner is symptom-free.

Using protection during oral sex does not completely remove the risk of catching or transmitting an STI( only being monogamous does), but it does minimize the risks to an insignificant level.

Should Monogamous People Use Flavoured Condoms?

Flavored condoms are fun, colorful, and with the variety of flavors available, they can up your sex game.

Above all, prevention is still better than cure!

The Different Types of Flavoured Condoms

Flavored condoms are available in the usual fruity or chocolaty flavors. but if you’re feeling frisky and kinky, you can choose flavors ranging from Kala khatta to chicken tikka masala.

The Correct Way to Use Flavoured Condoms

  • Use The Right Fit

It’s pointless to brag while purchasing a condom. Purchase and use a proper-fitting condom.

  • Check the expiration date

Using expired, broken, or damaged condoms can result in the transmission of STDs, defeating the intent of making use of the condom in the first place.

  • Switch Condoms Between Penetration

When transitioning from oral sex to other forms of penetration, change condoms. Condoms can perforate in the heat of passion, and you don’t want to risk spreading STDs.More specifically, flavored coatings contain added sugars that, when used vaginally, can cause a yeast infection.

  • Do You Use Lubricants?

To stop micro breakage and leakage of your latex condom, just use condom-safe lubes!

Alternatives to Flavored Condoms

If you have a latex allergy or don’t like the flavored condoms available, things can get hard.

Here’s another way to stay safe during oral sex.

Use a flavored condom-safe lubricant with standard condoms. However, not all lubes are suitable for oral sex. Before using an oral sex lube, read the manufacturer’s safety instructions. Bear in mind that flavored lubricants should never be used in or near a vaginal area because they can cause yeast infections as well!

Finally, whether it is oral or vaginal, don’t be ashamed of taking responsibility for your sexual wellbeing. Safe sex is the key to great sex!