Pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and memorable periods to experience.

Therefore, it is important to make these months as stress-free and enjoyable as possible.

One of the best ways to do this is to work with a maternity team who truly care about both your baby, and your wellbeing.

Private maternity care services offer extra support that is not available using the government-funded alternative.

There are many reasons why you may choose to opt for this increased level of care.

Private maternity care can be helpful during a high-risk pregnancy, as it will ensure that your baby’s health is closely monitored, alongside your own.

These services can also be used to help ease nerves during your fertility journey, as you will have access to a high level of support during your pregnancy.

If these are factors which sound appealing to you, then read on to discover a more in-depth guide on why a private maternity package could benefit you:

A personalised service

Unlike government-funded maternity services, with a private package you will be guaranteed a regular team of carers.

A dedicated team of midwives and an individual consultant will form your private fertility team.

This is a huge benefit as it means you can rest assured that trust is built and that they know you on a personal level. You will also be able to develop a good relationship with them and feel comfortable making any requests or settling any queries.

Maternity scans

While you can certainly receive pregnancy scans with a free maternity service, some people may benefit from extra scans, whether this is for peace of mind or for emergency purposes.

Most paid maternity services provide a full set of private antenatal scans throughout the duration of your pregnancy. These will cover emergency, anomaly and 4D scans if needed.

Having easy access to up-to-date modern scans will give you a better level of care than that of a free maternity service, and will ensure that in the rare case of an issue arising, it does not go unnoticed.


A comprehensive set of blood tests can be included with a consultant-led package, including the Harmony Test, which will ensure that you and your baby are kept at the best level of health possible.

As well as this, it will mean that you are well informed about how your baby is developing, and will receive updates on their health and wellbeing.

Birth planning

Choosing private maternity care will also mean that you are supported with regard to your options leading right up to your birth date.

Private maternity services will ensure midwives support you with birth planning, so that you can rest assured in the fact that you feel prepared and confident when the big day comes around.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to choosing a private maternity service, and it is a sure way of ensuring that you receive the care and support that you deserve during your pregnancy.

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