What Are the Necessary Steps to Remember After Your Invisalign Treatment – Few Tips

If you think the whole process is completed after the orthodontist has gone through your Invisalign treatment, then you might be wrong. After this, you will be provided with retainers for both upper as well as lower teeth.

Retention is as important as the treatment. Besides, if you are a teenager, your bones are still soft. This includes bones of both upper as well as lower jaws. Retainers help to stop the teeth to migrate to its original position. The hardness of the bones and the jaws grows with age. Which is why, your tooth will supposedly have lesser tendency of migrating around as time passes.

However, after the treatment a 3D impression of your teeth will be prepared. Peoria being a state of Maricopa has a lot of such available dentists in nearby surroundings, which offers incredible aftercare.

In case, you are searching for dentist in Peoria, AZ you might already have knowledge, how the demand has been growing with time. Before looking ahead for a suitable dentist, it is also important for you to know what exactly happens after completion of Invisalign treatment.

After treatment

As you have already read earlier, the stiffness of the bone strength increases with age. Therefore, once your treatment is done, your teeth won’t rely or lean on anything like before. A retainer is very important as treatment, aftercare to prohibit the tendency of teeth to let it grow.

Difference between aligner tray and retainer

If you think you can aligner tray instead of retainer, there are two reasons why it can turn out to be a bad idea, such as

  • The trays usually get dirty with time and it needs proper maintenance and care. In addition to that, you also have to deal with ‘’ick factor’’ when putting the tray in the mouth
  • The aligner trays aren’t meant for a long use. Instead, a longer traditional wire should be made by your orthodontist for this purpose

When it comes to retainer, it is not essential for you to wear it whole day. It is only important to wear it during night.

Why traditional retainer and not tray-style retainer

Traditional wire retainers are believed to do their job well and perfectly. With the use of traditional retainer, you have more chance of retaining your smile and withdraw better outcome instead of tray-style retainer. Your case might not necessarily be similar to others. It can be ether easier or much trickier to treat. Besides, your lifestyle will decide what kind of a retainer would you like to prefer. Also, the time period for using retainer might differ from person to person.

How can you look after your new teeth and retainers?

If you have the habit of chewing or any other habit like smoking, they might likely affect the condition of your retainer. Make it a habit to use brush and floss as part of your regular teeth maintenance, to avoid any problem.