What are the options for stopping the hair loss?

Hair loss is very common and it is part of every person’s life. In past times, the life of hair used to be very long but nowadays, the life of the hair is not too long and the people have to lose the lair in the early life. It is becoming a big problem in people’s lives. If there is a problem, we definitely have a solution for this. The solutions are the various hair treatments and the highly popular hair treatments are hairline lowering and hair transplant and surgical scalp advancement operation.

How hairline lowering differs from hair transplant?

Though, both the procedures are intended for the hair growth but there is a huge difference between the two.

Hair Transplant Procedure
  • In a hair transplant, the surgeon removes the plugs or the follicles from the back and the side of the head. Then, implants these hairs in the frontal area and achieve the goal of the hair establishments.
  • Some people wonder that if they don’t have any hair in the head and what if they are completely bald, then the surgeon can extract the hair from the chest or any other heavy hair area.
  • In this procedure, at least 2500-4000 hair follicles are required to achieve the density.
Hairline Lowering Procedure
  • This procedure and mechanism of this procedure is exactly different from the hair transplant.
  • In this procedure, the doctors stretch the hair present in the frontal region. The stretching of hair is intended towards the direction of eyebrows.
  • This procedure involves the removal of at least a strip or layer of forehead skin.

The advantages and disadvantages, benefits are risks vary from patient to patient. It is the surgeon who plans the procedure according to the patient’s health. The person should choose hairline treatment procedure if the hair loss is due to hereditary abnormalities. If the person has got it due to inheritance, the person should go for the hairline lowering procedure. If the person has hair loss due to the female or male pattern loss, then he should always go for the hairline lowering procedure.

Apart from this, the person should choose the procedure which is cost effective. If you want to choose the cheap procedure do you, you can choose according to the surgeons. Some surgeons offer one procedure at lowest rates whereas some surgeons offer other procedure at cheapest rates, so you can choose accordingly.