Root canal treatment procedure is the solution for the tooth that is decayed, cracked, damaged, or even broken. It is a painful procedure, and hence will be needing proper anesthesia to make the area numb. After the anesthetic wears off, you will have pain in the region, as this procedure will require complete removal of the infected part of the tooth with the help of some special tools.

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Once the root canals treatment procedure is done, you need to make sure that you provide extra care for your dental health to make sure that the wound is healed perfectly and there is no room for errors.

Here are some of the aftercare tips for you, after the root canal treatment procedure.

  • Your mouth will become the susceptible region for bacterial attack after the procedure. Hence, it is suggested to follow strict dental health care as explained by your dental expert.
  • You will experience a certain level of discomfort after the procedure, even though the pain will be minimal. Hence, you should follow the medication protocol as prescribed and explained by your dentist.
  • Your mouth will feel numb because of the anesthetic used during the procedure. Hence, it is suggested not to eat anything hard to avoid the chances of gritting your teeth because of the numbness.
  • Follow the medications till they are suggested.
  • Focus on the soft food items and remove hard food from your diet
  • Do not exert more pressure on the area while brushing your teeth.

The important factor to understand after the procedure is not to miss an appointment with your root canal specialist. They will monitor the condition of the location and will come up with medications that can help in healing quickly.

The fillings that are offered after the root canal procedure will be a temporary solution. The hollow created during the procedure requires permanent filling and this can be done only when your dentist concludes that the location is healed and can withstand the stress caused during the permanent filling procedure after the root canal treatment.

Many times, the teeth that have undergone root canal treatment procedures may become susceptible to bacterial infection because of poor dental care. During such cases, the root canal dentist will suggest a cleaning procedure to remove the infection from the root. This solution may require further sittings and hence may prolong complete healing of the location.

The best way of offering enough time for the injured tooth to heal during the root canal treatment is by avoiding certain food items, following strict dental health protocol, and consulting your dentist as soon as you feel irritation, tenderness, soreness, and pain in the location.

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