Our hair requires many essential ingredients if it is to remain healthy, and with the fast pace of modern life and the many hair treatments we use, the follicles are undernourished and hair loss can occur. Whey proteins are widely used in bodybuilding circles, and professional sportspeople also use these as a supplement, as they contain a high level of essential amino acids and proteins needed for muscle recovery.

Whey Protein

This type of protein is derived from milk, and it is very high in branched chain amino acids, and it is favoured by people who work out, and when taken in liquid form, as a shake, the muscles are able to recover quickly, and with the high concentrations of vitamin B12 and virtually no lactose or cholesterol, it does wonders for your hair. If you are regularly working out, it is essential to supplement your diet, and failure to do so can cause temporary hair loss. Whey protein for hair comes in tasty shakes, and it should deliver more than enough minerals and nutrition to ensure your hair remains in tip top condition.

Essential Amino Acids

There are some amino acids that are called branched chain amino acid (BCAA) and raise testosterone levels, and by using a protein shake that has a low anabolic protein, no hair loss should occur. It is worth doing your research before making any purchases for dietary supplements, as hair loss can be the result of a sudden boost in protein input, yet there are certain brands that have been rigorously tested in the laboratory, and are known to aid healthy hair growth.

Hair Nutrition

It isn’t only protein and amino acids that healthy hair requires, and your diet should be balanced with adequate fruit and vegetables, while supplements, such as whey protein shakes are a good idea, as they ensure your scalp and hair follicles receive adequate nutrition.

Low Anabolic Proteins

Many whey protein shakes have a high anabolic content and this can result in hair loss, especially if the person is also working out on a regular basis, yet there are whey protein shakes that have a low anabolic content, and this is known to prevent hair loss, and with online suppliers of low anabolic whey protein shakes, you can build muscle without worrying about hair loss as a side effect. If you would like to know more about how anabolic proteins can affect your hair, there are many informative articles online that point out the fact that high anabolic proteins are likely to result in hair problems.

Whey protein, taken in the form of daily shakes, can have a very positive effect on restrictive hair growth, with results showing in 4-6 months, even for those who are not taking part in any extreme physical activities, and by talking to the experts at a hair restoration clinic, you can have an expert opinion as to the cause, and they will also recommend suitable treatment.

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