A physical is a medical examination that your doctor carries out annually to keep you updated about the condition of your health and overall body fitness. A physical should not be limited to times when you feel unwell. Have this examination even when you feel okay.

A physical examination takes less than an hour. It is a procedure that is best suited for an urgent care Clinton Township center and not an emergency room. Urgent care centers are health facilities that remain open for 24 hours, seven days a week. As is the case with a primary care doctor, you do not need an appointment to see a physician at an urgent care center. This factor makes it very convenient for you despite your busy schedule.

Medical examinations are necessary because they highlight underlying health problems thus making it easy to treat and prevent them. Physicians at an urgent care carry out the following tests during a physical; vision, hearing, heart beat rate, blood pressure, temperature, height, and weight.

 Types of Urgent Care Physicals

Urgent care centers offer different types of exams for different purposes. The medical examinations include; pre-employment physicals, sports physicals and department of transportation (DOT) physicals.

Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals

Urgent care physicians carry out this examination on drivers of all kinds of commercial vehicles to ascertain that the driver is not only licensed and qualified to drive but also are fit to do it. The doctors must establish that the driver has excellent vision and hearing ability. They should verify that the driver does not suffer from a condition that might interfere with driving, such as epilepsy. The physicians should ascertain that the driver has no record of substance abuse and is not on medication that might cause drowsiness. The validity of a DOT physical is two years.

Sports Physicals

This is a medical examination carried out on athletes and students to verify whether they are fit to participate in sporting events. It is essential to have this exam taken before any sporting activity. The convenience of urgent care makes it possible to have this physical at any time.

Examinations are done on the eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, skin, neck, heart and abdomen. The student or athlete is updated about their health status and advised on how to handle themselves in the event of an injury.

Pre-employment Physicals

This physical is carried out on job applicants to prove their ability to perform tasks assigned to them. This examination is crucial for the maintenance of safety procedures at the workplace and minimizes the risk of injury while on duty. This physical is the most important for job applicants in the hospitality industry. Medical examiners perform tests on the following; vision and hearing, respiratory and pulmonary systems, substance abuse and general fitness.

Most urgent care centers accept payment through medical insurance covers and charge lower rates for patients with no insurance. High-quality services offered using high-quality equipment is an added advantage.

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