The journey of pregnancy takes a whole nine months, and that’s a long time. Within those nine months, the mother is carrying a new human being waiting to be born in this world. To ensure safety throughout the whole time, the mother should be careful of any possible complications as pregnant women are vulnerable.

Many people know that pregnant women should be cautious during these nine months, but not many know the risks women can go through and what they can do about them. Here are ten dangerous things a pregnant can experience and their remedies:

  1. Gestational diabetes

           Pregnant women are at risk for gestational diabetes Mellitus. Higher chances are for pregnant women who are overweight and have a family history of the disease. It is a concern because it will cause problems for the mother and complications for the fetus.


           Getting proper check-ups with your doctor and discussing a proper nutritional diet with good exercise.

  1. Preeclampsia

           Having high blood pressure during pregnancy will cause swelling on the hands. This is due to preeclampsia which will usually happen at the 20th week and onwards during the pregnancy.


           The remedy offered would be delivering the baby to avoid any more complications and problems brought by this disease. But if it happened earlier, then the doctor can prescribe medicine.

  1. Gaining weight

           It might not sound dangerous to gain weight, but it will surely give rise to problems and complications with the baby when the pregnant woman is gaining too much weight or leaning into obesity.


           A healthy diet and consultation with the right professionals regarding weight and proper food intake are essential.

  1. Common sickness

           Another thing that may not sound as dangerous but will cause much harm as well. It is hard to be sick when pregnant because of its effects, especially taking medications. Doctors would always consider what the side effects are.


           Following proper hygiene and cleanliness is something a pregnant woman should abide by. Being extra careful and mindful of everything is very important.

  1. Anxiety

           It’s common for some pregnant women to have anxiety. This can give rise to all other side effects that would no longer be healthy for the mother and baby. If left untreated, then it can cause problems and complications.


           Finding someone to open up to, maybe a friend or a licensed professional. Getting help and working from there would help with finding ways to cope with anxiety.

  1. Anemia

           Pregnant women can have anemia, and this is when their count for red blood cells is lower than usual. This can cause dizziness, weakness, and fatigue.


           Consulting with your doctor, taking chewable iron supplements, and eating the proper diet with enough iron will help.

  1. Nausea and vomiting

           It’s normal for pregnant women to experience nausea and vomiting, but it’s dangerous when it already affects the food intake of the pregnant woman. She might not be able to ingest anything because it will end up being vomited. This will cause dehydration and needs attention.


           If nausea and vomiting are no longer tolerable, then communicate with your doctor, and they will guide you on what to do and what medications to take.

  1. Preterm Labor

           This occurs when the pregnant woman’s body begins preparing for labor and delivery when it’s not yet due. If it forms more than three weeks before you’re supposed to give birth, it’s considered premature, which can cause complications.


           Get in contact with your doctor right away and follow the proper procedures regarding your case, most likely if you have to deliver your baby earlier than expected.


  1.            Urinary tract infection

           Having a urinary tract infection can cause a burning sensation when going to the bathroom and having to go to the bathroom multiple times. It can also include spotting and fever.


           Tell your doctor right away what you are feeling and get treated for it. If it is confirmed to be a urinary tract infection, the doctor might prescribe antibiotics. Keep drinking water and stay hydrated.

  1. Second-hand smoke

           Being around someone who is smoking while not pregnant will give you the same risks as the one who is smoking. This is the same for pregnant women, but it is much more dangerous because it will affect the baby. It will give rise to all sorts of complications for the baby.


           Do not smoke when you’re pregnant and even after giving birth. Avoid places where people tend to smoke. And most significantly, remind the people around you not to stop smoking as it will affect the baby.

Pregnancy can be a joy, but you need to make sure that you are in good health to ensure your baby’s health too.

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