Crossfit exercise is a fitness strategy designed to incorporate elements of many different sporting activities as well as standard gym exercises. Many of your clients enjoy this type of training, but it’s easy to hit a wall and feel as if the effort is going nowhere. With the aid of crossfit software to support your client, it’s possible to motivate him or her to stay on target. Here are some of the ways you and the right software can help.

Help the Client Set Realistic Goals

As with any type of workout, clients sometimes set goals that are not in line with their current state of fitness. That in turn leads to expectations which will not come to pass. A better approach is to use the salon management software to help your client develop a crossfit plan that is challenging but realistic. When and as the first set of goals are reached, the two of you can talk about creating a new and more challenging set.

Take It Beyond Counting Reps

Part of the trainer’s job is to keep track of the reps the client performs at each session. While you want to be diligent with that, see your role as broader. During the reps for any of the exercises, the swimming laps, or whatever other activity is taking place, make sure you are providing positive reinforcement. That includes offering corrections to form and other suggestions designed to call attention to what the client is doing properly and what can be improved. As the client begins to see and feel results from those suggestions, he or she will feel more empowered and want to keep going.

Focus On What’s Happening Now

It’s great that the client’s last workout went so well, but that’s now history. The main focus is on the workout happening right this minute. As much as possible, concentrate on the goals for today and how to go about reaching them.

This becomes even more important if the client’s last session was somewhat difficult. Instead of dwelling on what went on before, encourage the client to approach today’s workout with a fresh perspective. Not being encumbered by the past, whether it was good or not so good, is freeing and helps keep the client looking to the present and future.

Have a Periodic Review With Your Client

There will be times when it seems no real progress is taking place. At this point, you want to sit down with the client and go over how far he or she has come since first launching the crossfit workout. The information entered into the software will make it easier to show the client how the number of reps have increased, the decrease in time taken to run a mile, and even how the number of swimming laps are much higher than they were a month ago. Graphs and similar presentations provide something the client can look at and see progress is being made, even if it sometimes seems difficult to notice.

Remember that the combination of your dedication to the client and using the right software to create and track a workout is one of your most formidable tools. Use both wisely and your client will look forward to every visit to the fitness centre.

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