Addiction is a painful mental and physical dependence on narcotic substances. It is not only a medical, but also a social problem. Sooner or later, relatives and friends of the dependent begin to look for an answer to the question “how to treat a drug addict”? Only the units manage to cope with the addiction themselves; the overwhelming majority of patients need help in specialized medical centers¸ where the most modern and effective methods of drug treatment are practiced. You cannot postpone the initiation of therapy, because psychological and physical disorders that develop against the background of drug use can become irreversible.


How to Get Rid Of Drug Addiction?

The fight against drug addiction must necessarily be comprehensive and phased. It requires an individual approach to each patient. Of great importance is always the psychotherapeutic component, that is, the creation in the drug addict of a strong motivation for refusing to take stupefying substances and returning to normal full-fledged life. The DBT drug rehab therapy is perfect there.

Treatment of drug-dependent people is carried out only on condition of their informed voluntary consent, but most people tend to deny the very fact of taking drugs and then depend on them. It is desirable that a person suffering from a painful predilection for psychostimulants was interviewed by one of the authoritative people for him. Alternatively, you can invite a professional psychologist to the house, who can convince the patient that hospitalization will really help.

It is advisable to choose a clinic in advance with the most comfortable environment and reasonable prices for services. Contacting experts working there, you can get detailed information on how to treat drug addiction in this drug treatment center.

Stages Of Treatment For A Drug Addict

First of all, experienced narcologists help cope with the withdrawal syndrome that is, “breaking.” It is excruciating painful sensations, which sometimes last for more than one week, do not allow the addict to refuse to take the next dose on his own, but, on the contrary, force him to get a portion of the narcotic substance by any means.

Detoxification is carried out using the most effective modern drugs. If necessary, doctors can resort to a hardware purification of blood – plasmapheresis or hemodialysis.

Note:Plasmapheresis involves blood separation into blood cells and plasma. Cellular elements return to the vascular bed, along with plasma-substitute fluids, and the plasma, in which most of the toxic compounds accumulate, is utilized. Contraindications to the conduct of plasmapheresis are diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The purpose of detoxification procedures is complete purification of the body of hazardous substances in the shortest possible time. To stop the pain syndrome, powerful analgesics are prescribed. Sleep disorders, very characteristic for the period of withdrawal, are an indication for the introduction of hypnotics. With anxiety and panic attacks, the patient is given tranquilizers and sedatives.

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