5 Things you should probably know about alcohol addiction

According to a research carried out in the United States one in 12 adults has a problem with alcohol. Surprisingly, it also states that teens who are aged 14 to 17 years old have a challenge dealing with alcohol intake.
Most youths who start drinking alcohol before they turn 15 years old are twice more likely to have alcohol dependency during their adult years. The research carried out in 2009 by Center for Disease Control and Prevention also found that Americans aged 18 and above are alcoholics.
If these numbers are anything to go by, then you should know that alcohol addiction is prevalent among the youths and adults in the American population.
Here are some of the things you should know about alcohol addiction:

Guardians and parents who take alcohol
More than six million children in America who are not yet adults live with a parent or a guardian who is alcohol dependent. So it is advisable to keep alcohol away from young kids who are still growing up. It is also a problem if they observe the relationship you might have with alcohol.
At any Lancaster rehab center, parents and guardians with alcohol addiction can undergo treatment options such as Family Education Program.

Liver disease associated with alcoholism
The American liver foundation states that 10 to 20 of alcohol drinkers will experience liver cirrhosis. The disease can progress with time from fatty liver disease to alcoholic hepatitis then to cirrhosis. Some alcoholics may get cirrhosis without necessarily suffering from hepatitis.
Drinking alcohol to forget our problems
Having that one drink after work when faced with life’s challenges could lead to addiction. Although having drinks at parties is acceptable, it is the constant drinking to forget our problems that may lead to addiction. If we continually depend on alcohol when we have problems, then alcohol addiction is a high possibility.

Alcoholism in relation to violence
According to the Journal of substance abuse treatment, more than 75% of individuals treated for drug addiction confessed to carrying out violence in the form of physical assault, stealing, and attacking another person.
The chances of one becoming violent increases when you are intoxicated. Most people would let go of an argument or a misunderstanding when sober.

Peer pressure
Peer pressure among teens can be detrimental as most of them are still getting to know who they are. They also need to fit in a group or a form of a social circle. It is, therefore, the role of the parent or guardian to talk to their children about peer pressure.

What most people don’t realize is getting help when struggling with alcohol can reduce the struggle within a short time. Many centers in the country offer support to people struggling with alcoholism.
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