HydraFacial: The Best Way to Treat Acne Scars

If you’re after a facial that can get rid of acne scars, there are a long list of options available. One of the best options available for acne treatment is the HydraFacial. It’s now a very trendy treatment and has several cosmetic benefits to offer. A HydraFacial can be helpful for those who suffer from acne scars, and it can work on all skin types.

This acne treatment targets hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and congested pores. It shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes and has the potential to reduce the appearance of acne scars significantly.

How the HydraFacial Treatment Works

The treatment consists of several different steps. The first part of the process consists of exfoliating and cleansing your skin. A small deplaning instrument is used to open up the pores on your face, remove dead skin cells and sweep away debris left behind by makeup. Many people who have had this treatment report that the process feels similar to having your face gently massaged by an electronic toothbrush.

The second part of the HydraFacial is the acid peel. Several types of glycolic peels can cause your skin to sting, but the peel used for a HydraFacial doesn’t cause this problem. This type of glycolic acid peel is exceptionally gentle and doesn’t cause any stinging, although for individuals with very sensitive skin a stinging sensation can occur. Following the acid peel, comes the extraction process. An extraction nozzle is used to administer the extractions, and this device is best described as a suction similar to a vacuum.

The last stage of the process uses a serum application where a vortex-fusion tool is utilised to infuse the skin with collagen and antioxidants. The serum is necessary because it promotes hydration and elasticity. A HydraFacial is excellent for those who want smoother skin texture, unclogged pores, clear, brighter and rejuvenated skin. To ensure optimal results consider having your Hydrafacial at MIRA Clinic Perth and get your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated in no time!

The HydraFacial for Acne Treatment

Yes, acne is common in teenagers, but the truth is anyone can get acne at any age. Several adults have moderate to severe acne, and this quite often results in acne scars and reduced self-confidence. Treatment can be surprisingly effective for treating oily skin and acne scars.

The HydraFacial treatment involves a cleanse, exfoliation, extraction and then a rehydration process. As soon as these steps are finished, peptides, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid are applied to your skin. During the treatment, HydroPeel tips are used, and they have several peeling edges, which are effective at exfoliating the skin. So effective that just one pass with the tips can exfoliate your skin multiple times. The tips provide uniform results. The treatment uses a vortex effect, so it’s able to dislodge impurities quickly.