2016 actually saw a lot of unique newcomers to the scene of dry herb vapes that pushed the limits of the technology at the time. It happens often that innovations in design and tech kind of stagnate for a year or two when some top models hog the throne, but give it a bit of time and another year will roll by with some crazy improvements. 2016 was that year to bring in some new players and breathe new life into what can be considered some of the best dry herb vaporizers out there, so here’s a few examples:

  1. Firefly: 2016 was the year of the original Firefly. This thing was considerably bulkier and larger than its legendary upgraded version the Firefly 2. It’s impressive for Firefly, however, to have released such an original vape in 2016 with such amazing features, only to improve it so very greatly the very next year. Anyone could tell you this is a company that truly cares about delivering an advanced and classy product. Some features of this classic are stainless steel heat sinks which make it a bit heavy, but more comfortable to use without overheating. The all glass vapor path makes for a very smooth and delicious vapor as well. Sadly, these aren’t made or sold anymore so it’ll take some real hunting if you want to add this to your collection.
  2. Haze V3.0: This device redefined luxury when it comes to dry herb vaporizers. It’s an extremely versatile vape as it can handle anything you throw at it with its two separate heating chambers. Wax, oils, or flower, doesn’t matter with the Haze. On top of the top notch performance, it boasts a super elegant design with a scaly leather finish. Finally, not only can you choose freely between what you vape with the Haze, but you can actually vape dry herb and concentrates at the very same time.
  3. Pax 2: The Pax 2 made some improvements on their starter model in 2016, but all in all nothing groundbreaking. They improved the battery life and heat up time, and also their smart technology which adjusts temperature based on the strength of your pull on the mouthpiece. This is the best dry herb vaporizer when it comes to appearances, if you can’t afford the Pax 3, that is.

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