Turinabol has reappeared, but there is still a mysterious air around its romanticized origin. Sporting authorities uncovered its origin during the Olympics and very soon its production disappeared.

How the East German athletes used Turinabol in the past is hardly known, but it was popular to –

  • Offer impressive stamina and endurance
  • Improve lean muscle mass
  • Decrease water retention potential
  • Increase testosterone levels

Oral steroids are popular for liver trauma and toxicity. However, Turinabol was not associated with toxicity, even though it was an oral drug. It does not mean that Turnibol displays no liver damage. Actually, it is capable to interfere or disrupt liver enzyme activities, which can impact optimal liver function.

Expectations from Turinabol

Based on Turinabol’s molecular structure, it resists conversion into estrogen or aromatization. Several claim that Turinabol does not promote anabolic tendencies of any kind but this may not be true for each user.

Bodybuilders generally stack Turinabol with SARM [Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator] to experience synergic anabolic effects.

Tbol/Turinabol dosage recommendations

Dosage recommendation differs due to difference in milligram strength. It depends on the country of origin and manufacturer of the product.

Referred dosage level per day [daily dosage because of its short active life]

For beginners – 10 to 30 mg

For intermediates – 30 to 50 mg

For advanced – 50 to 80 mg

More veteran users use more than referred maximum dosage of 80 mg per day. The reason is to achieve muscle mass, energy, and other improvements very fast.

For active athletic competition [bodybuilding], users select mid dosage level of 50 mg daily. A low dose helps to maintain lean muscle mass, only [sprinter].

The dosage cycle of 10 or 20 mg tablets from Medistar is to be used daily for 6-weeks, so as to mitigate potential side effects. Experienced bodybuilders stack a couple of anabolic steroids but liver toxicity risk increases. In addition, when muscle mass growth gets accelerated extremely the joints, connective tissues, tendons and ligaments encounter a lot of strain. This can cause joint injury and muscle tear. Some of these can take 5 weeks or more to heal properly.

Turnibol reviews are not clear with respect to efficiency. There are many factors, which influence the results like age, heath, diet, and dosage.

Buy safely

Lots of underground labs are popping up, as demand for steroids is escalating. Everyone claims to offer real oral Turinabol. However, it is hard to know certainly which one is genuine as there are scam suppliers waiting to swindle buyers.

Therefore, before buying Turinabol from online stores, research the manufacturer, seller, read feedback and reviews of past users.

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