All about hair transplant treatment!

Well, a hair transplant treatment is something in which the dermatologist surgeon moves the hairs to a bald area of the head. This means that the surgeon takes the hairs from the back or side of the head and moves it to the upper part or the top of the head, as required.

The process of hair transplant is not too tricky as the surgeon makes use of anaesthesia before performing the treatment. This ensures painless products. Furthermore, there are ample reasons for hair loss such as stress, anxiety, poor diet, frequent illness, medications, and even hormonal imbalance.

Cost of hair transplant treatment!

There are so many brands promising you about hair regrowth. But does it ever work? No, not at all. These products are filled with chemicals and hence if these chemicals react, it makes it a worse condition on your head. That is why undergoing a hair transplant treatment is of utmost benefit. It not just increases your hair growth but also ensures hair regrowth.

However, there’s no such clear answer to the cost of hair transplant treatment. The cost of a hair transplant affects multiple factors which will be discussed today in this blog below.

All about the cost of a Hair transplant in Houston!

Hair transplant is an expensive procedure and typically it ranges between Rs. $4,000 to $15,000. However, it may cost a bit high but you can even opt for hair transplant insurance from a good insurance company. Along with that, there are several other factors involved in the cost of hair transplant treatment. Scroll on to know more about it.

The cost of hair transplant includes the following factors:

1.     Type of procedure you undertake

Well, the cost of hair transplant treatment also depends upon the procedure you take. There are two types of hair transplants namely, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE). However, the cost of each of these differs.

2.     Your location

Different locations have different charges of treatment. Hence the cost of treatment depends upon the location where you live. Furthermore, it depends upon the number of surgeons treating you during your surgery.

3.     Experience of your surgeon

If your surgeon is experienced, he or she shall charge more than the ones who are not much experienced. But one thing which you must keep in mind is to research thoroughly about the surgeon you are opting for. Why? Because not every surgeon has the skills to perform the surgery in the right way. Hence, reading the surgeon’s reviews is the best option left.


Well, now as we have concluded this blog, we believe that you must have got everything about the topic and the content related to it. If you do have sufficient funds, you can undoubtedly go for a hair transplant. One thing which you must keep in mind is to hire the best hair transplant surgeon. You can even take some antibiotics after the treatment to reduce the risk of infection.

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