Maximum Graft Survival with FUT Hair Transplant

The technique practiced in the hair restoration or transplant surgery is of two types, known as the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant. The medical data based on the cosmetic surgery stated this fact that around 90% of restoration case is performed in India and the stature of the countries like America, Turkey, New Jersey, Greece, and Germany has the position after India and ranked as the second option in the hair transplant world. The hair transplant in Europe has been always a fancy hair transplant cost decision and considered as the expensive option to receive the surgery. The graph figured-out on the basis of successful cosmetic surgery that is performed every year in India revealed that many of the foreign patients visit India and their most attractive selection is the cities like Jaipur and Delhi, especially for receiving the hair transplant procedure.

Why European People/patient Join the Medical tourism in India for the Hair restoration treatment is described by the following concerned topics:

  1. The relevancy of special technique for the Restoration Surgery:

It has been already cleared out that the technique has a central role in deciding the success of the hair transplant procedure. The FUT is one of the core-concerning methods as it applies the surgical incision and suture in order to excise the strip of the skin in the process of graft collection. Before explaining the advantages of the technique/method, it is best to judge the technique on the strength of the graft survival as well as the rate of the graft’s number collected in a single session.

Why FUT/Strip is the compatible technique for the hair surgery can be grasped through the below-mentioned points:

  • The chances of follicular units/graft survival rate are maximum because of the involvement of the strip
  • The strength of collecting the graft’s number is higher as the strip contains a number of grafts that are easily accessed through a single medium
  • It provides the option to cover the highest grade of baldness with the dense-packed restoration result
  • The follicular unit damage rate is less as the technicians use the highest magnification for the dissection job.

In India, most of the hair transplant experts focus on the strip method rather than the foreign experts who mostly concerned about the technology advancement and equipment used in the procedure. However, the foreign patients have taken a serious concern to get the procedure and now give emphasis on those selections that match the expected goal with the affordable budget.

  1. The Competency of the Expert Mind: The competency for dealing with the particular skill and knowledge can be best revealed by the given performance for the same. The record performance of our Indian Surgeons in the arena of hair restoration surgery clearly explained that the artistic concern and precision is not a one-day job as it needs a series of practical interaction among the balding patient who currently received the procedure from the respective surgeon. The knowledge, power outsources got a high-rank in the cosmetic procedure and most of our national experts received an international recognition in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery.
  2. The Expenses involved in the Surgery do matter: And, the most important factor that makes a positive attitude towards receiving the surgical deal is about the cost and the cost-concern of the procedure has remarkably a high acceptance in India. The service of the restoration procedure in India can close at a reasonable price deal.


To cut a long story, in short receiving the hair transplant surgery is a better option to fight against baldness or Androgenic alopecia and the destination selection must be influenced by the expert mind, cost matter, and the feasibility of the technique adoption.