In this article I will take you through next destination for your stem cell therapy

Let us understand what is and why stem cell therapy in India.

Stem cells are those cells which are obtained from the blood stream of the human’s body. These cells have the quality of multiplying and diversifying.

Currently stem cell therapy in India is curing more than 80 disorders. Some of them are Austin, cerebral palsy, heart stroke, spinal cord injury, diabetes, genetic disorders, thalassemia. 

Why over other countries India is preferred for stem cell therapy?

Some of the pointers are

  • Stem cell therapy cost in India ranges from $6000 and goes up to $550000. It depends upon the type disease you are treating. The cost of treatment is minimal here in India because here the cost of living is low.
  • Technology used here in India is advance here as because of this the success rate of the therapy is also high. As the technology is advance it takes less time to treat the disease.
  • Conversion rate here in India is minimal. Stem cell takes a period of 30 days of getting converted. This is because India possess skill full and qualified doctors.
  • Waiting period here in India is very less, however it totally depends upon your treatment and disease which you are curing.

Benefits of taking stem cell therapy in india:

  • The cost of survival here in india is minimal that suits the patients pocket.
  • The accommodation facilities which India is providing is comparatively low.
  • India possess many renowned surgeons through which the success rate of stem cell therapy is increasing.
  • The conversion rate of dollar to rupees is very low. This point is basically for those who come to India for their treatment.
  • The results achieved is 100% which we compare with other countries is amazing.



STEP1: CONSULTATION:As a self-evident truth, it is important   to plan your treatment in advance with the expert and pick your stem cell therapy in India.

For global patient’s: They need to set up their record for development. For example, ID, therapeutic visa. This stage is the most basic stage that if the patient is going for allogeneic stem cell treatment they should have a giver arranged. After this they can proceed for booking their accommodation. They will moreover require to assemble the cash required for the treatment. Here all the pass on all the prior tests reports related to your treatment. In the event that there ought to emerge an eventof autologous stem cell treatment, the patient should be set up with all the imperative tests which are to done before coming.

For national patients: they have to pick the sort of treatment they are going for and besides entire the diverse test related to the treatment.

STAGE 2: PREPARATIONS: In this stage you need to pick the specialist’s clinic or hospital in which you will take the treatment. After this decision one needs to set up the supporters and furthermore tolerant, there are certain frameworks that ought to be trailed by the patient which will be told by the doctor.

After this they need to take rest for a while and get ready for fresh start. This is for worldwide patient’s.

For National patients they ought to be set up for the treatment as suggested by the master and they need to profit all the test which are supported by the expert.

STEP3: INITIAL ADVANCE: the patient is taken to operation theatre and after that anaesthesia is given, then from the hip bone of the bone marrow the stem cells are taken.

From the hip bone the juice is taken out and this is known as bone marrow and from that stem cells are taken out. Presently this treatment includes no pain as anaesthesia is given.

STAGE 4: STEM CELL TRANSPLANT: Now these stem cells are injected into the patient’s bone by giving anaesthesia to the patient so that there is no pain, this activity happens within a single day as it were.

STAGE 5: RECOVERY: After all the above technique, the patient view and on regular timetable happens to know the condition of the body, whether it is recovering or not. If not, then some medicines are provided that can change the course of action. This is the most basic point of the treatment as to how the patient body is responding. That is the reason why experts make ordinary enrolment so that if any mis happen is there it is immediately cured.

STAGE 6: FOLLOW UP: Now, after this the specialist takes standard subsequent meet-ups with the goal that all goes well and the patient is completely recouped.

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