Signs of infertility you shouldn’t ignore

According to WHO, Infertility is a male or female reproductive system condition characterised by the inability to achieve pregnancy after 12 months or more of regular unprotected sexual intercourse.

It is critical for couples who are having difficulties in conceiving a child to acquire a diagnosis in order to pursue appropriate treatment. You can consult fertility centres in Hyderabad to know why they might not be able to conceive.

There are signs and symptoms which will let you know about infertility. Read the article further to know the common signs of infertility that you shouldn’t ignore.

Moreover, if you are pretty sure about planning children in future, then take note of the given indicators of infertility that you should know.

For Women

  • Irregular menstrual cycle:

The average menstrual cycle lasts 28 days. A few days earlier or later is common and not a cause for alarm. However, if your periods are consistently irregular, either delaying or occurring earlier than they should, it could indicate an underlying ovulatory issue, which could indicate infertility.

  • Irregular bleeding can be a sign of uterine fibroid:

When a woman is menstruating, she will experience bleeding. Suppose you bleed between monthly cycles or even after sexual intercourse. In that case, it could be a symptom of a uterine polyp, fibroid, or cervical lesion, all of which can be markers of female infertility.

  • Extreme painful cramps – Endometriosis:

 During their periods, some women experience painful cramps. However, if your cramps are severe and you have pain and discomfort throughout your period, and during intercourse, you may have Endometriosis. This may cause scarring of the pelvis and will limit fertility.

This disorder may also reduce the number of eggs a woman can produce. If your unpleasant cramps are accompanied by particularly heavy periods, this could indicate uterine fibroids, which can make pregnancy more difficult.

For Men

  • Testicular Swelling or Pain:

Hernia, Infection or testicular torsion are some of the common reasons for testicular swelling. Although swelling or pain in this area is not always an indicating factor for infertility, one should still contact the doctor and get it checked.

  • Erectile Dysfunction:

Erectile dysfunction, also related to hormonal imbalances, is present in about a quarter of infertile couples. This could be caused by the usage of recreational drugs or medical conditions or due to an injury, or it might be due to stress, anxiety or sadness. There are different reasons why a couple can be infertile. However, it can also be diagnosed, which can help prevent it in the early stages. Sometimes a treatment could be required to help with the same.

However, IVF can sometimes be a good option for those diagnosed with infertility. Both IVF and treatments for infertility can be found at a fertility clinic. In the fertility centre in Hyderabad, you can receive assistance with all infertility problems and solutions like IVF treatment at a reasonable cost with utmost safety.