Kids can be very fussy and adamant when it comes to eating healthy food. For almost every parent, it becomes a challenge for them to give their children tiffin that they will eat without trouble. There are many tiffin recipes for kids that are available online that can help you trick your children into eating it. Here are other ways you can make your child eat healthy food.

Fix Timings for your Child

A child needs to eat at least four times a day which includes three meals and snacks. When a child has a diet that is balanced, then the chances of them getting cranky and irritated are less. Plan a schedule for your child for their meals. You can stock yourself with some carrots, yogurt, etc. for snacks for your child. You can also treat them once in a while with their favorite food as a reward for eating healthy food.

Give a Twist to your Recipes

There are many healthy tiffin recipes for school that are available online. Most of these recipes bring a twist to some of the dishes that you may be preparing on a daily basis. A creative way of cooking broccoli or any other vegetable can help you in ensuring that your child is eating healthy food. If your child loves pasta, then add vegetables to them and make it healthy, or use wheat pasta. You can bake cookies made of oats and honey, instead of using flour.

Give Them Healthy Choices

When kids are given multiple choices that include junk food, their preference always remains junk food. Hence, make sure that you give them healthy choices. A child who is given fruits and other healthy options for snacks will prefer to choose from them instead of craving unhealthy food.

Let your Child Help in Preparing Dishes

When a child is involved in preparing dishes, he or she is more interested in tasting what they helped cook. So, ask your child to help with cooking dishes with you. You can ask them to do the prework with you. If the child is older, then you can ask him or her to cut vegetables or even help in cooking. This will help your child in tasting the dish and develop a taste.

Introduce to Healthy Food Slowly

Do not try to introduce all the healthy food items at once and confuse your child. Introduce every food item slowly so that they have time to develop the taste. Introduce your child to the next item only when he or she has developed a taste for the previous food item.

Be Creative with the Looks

If you are not trying out new recipes, then present the old recipes in a new way. Be creative with the presentation. Creative presentation always attracts the children. They tend to try out what is being given to them in their tiffin.

Kids can act stubborn when it comes to food choices. Hence, try out new ways to make your child healthy food.

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