What You Need to Know About the Child Dental Benefits Scheme

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme is run by Medicare and provides eligible children with up to $1,000 over two calendar years to pay for a range of dental services. It’s aimed at families who are already receiving other benefits such as the Family Tax Benefit A payment. It’s essential to know that not all dentists provide services under the CDBS, so it’s important to check with your dentist before you make an appointment to ensure your child will be covered. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

H2: What Does It Cover?

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme covers a range of preventative and restorative dental treatments such as examinations, cleanings, x-rays, fillings, fissure sealing, root canals and extractions. It’s important to note that the CDBS does not cover orthodontic work, cosmetic dental work or any services provided in hospital. However, the Child Dental Benefits Scheme does cover many treatments, so it’s important to speak to your dentist in Bundoora about what is and isn’t covered.

How to Access Your Child’s Benefits

It’s quite easy to access your child’s benefits when visiting a dentist. All you have to do is confirm your child’s eligibility and your balance amount by going to your Medicare online account on the myGov website. You can also make an appointment with your dentist in Bundoora and let them know about the eligible scheme. Before providing a service, your Child Dental Benefits Scheme dentist will discuss treatment and any related costs with you. The final step is to sign a consent form, and once it’s approved, you’ll be able to access your child’s benefits.

Who is Eligible?

The Child Dental Benefits Scheme is for children aged between 2 and 17. These children are eligible for Medicare and must also receive one of the following benefits: Family Tax Benefit Part A, Carer Payment, Disability Support Pension, Parenting Payment, Special Benefit or Youth Allowance. Your child is also eligible if they have help under the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme or if they have help under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme. It’s a good idea to check your child is eligible for the CDBS before seeing a dentist in Bundoora.  

Should You Visit a Public or Private Dentist?

Children who receive CDBS payments can receive treatment at any public dentist in Bundoora. The claim will be bulk-billed and there will be no out-of-pocket costs. You can also use the CDBS payments to pay for some or all of the treatments at a private dentist. You can use all of the $1,000 at once, or spread it out over the two calendar years. However, with a private dentist, you may still need to pay for a few expenses. It’s therefore important to find out how much the procedure will cost and whether there’s likely to be any additional work needed. Your dentist should be able to explain all expenses to you before they start your child’s treatment.