Pain relief sprays reduce pain by working on inflammation around the muscle or joint. They get to work at once on application to provide quick pain relief.

Pain is an indelible part of most people’s lives. It can be brought on by injury or age. However, you must deal with it head-on and in the right manner so that the quality of your life is not compromised in any way.

The best tool in your fight against minor aches and pains is a pain relief spray. It is most popularly used by athletes and sportspersons, and even those who exercise hard regularly. However, it may be used even by those who suffer from injury- or stress-related pain. Most of them are safe to use even by children and senior citizens, though it is better to have a doctor prescribe it and explain how to use it.

How pain relief sprays work

Most pain killing sprays comprise a mix of chemicals like salicylate and ibuprofen, which respectively numb the pain and reduce inflammation. Other pain relief chemicals inhibit the pain receptors in the brain, thereby making you feel like the intensity of the pain has reduced. Most pain relief sprays offer an immediate cooling action that numbs the pain and also blocks the pain receptors in the brain for a little while. These sprays can be used for both muscle and joint pain, since they offer a high degree of penetration.

However, most OTC (Over The Counter) painkilling medication in spray or tablet form has side effects. Some of them may contain high amounts of caffeine as well, which can cause elevated blood pressure. Others may cause clotting, hypertension, skin rashes and other problems. It is better to go with a pain relief spray like Moov, which uses a natural formulation to get the job done without harming the user.

Why Moov has the edge in pain relief

Moov pain relief spray comprises painkilling ingredients like eucalyptus oil, wintergreen oil, turpentine oil and mint extract. These are natural ingredients that do not offer any side effects. On the contrary, this is a fast-acting formulation that goes to the source of the pain and gets to work at once without causing any internal distress in the surrounding tissues.

Spray it on the painful area by holding the can about 8 to 10 centimetres away from the skin. Let it be absorbed gradually. Do not wipe off the area after spraying.

You can keep Moov pain relief spray on your nightstand or in your gym or work bag. You can spray it discreetly and leave it on the skin without rubbing. It is absorbed rapidly and you will soon begin to feel that the pain has reduced. You can even use the spray before going to bed at night to wake up pain-free.

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