Why do Dental Implantologist not recommend Dental Implants for Children?

Are you considering undergoing dental implant treatment? Chances are higher that you would have gathered adequate knowledge and information about the procedure and the price. However, not all people would be able to gain comprehensive knowledge about the procedure. A majority of people have the belief that dental implant procedure has been deemed successful for people of all ages. That is not entirely true. The basics of undergoing dental implant would require you to have strong jawbone and healthy gums.

Sports would be a great activity for children. However, at times children tend to lose or chip their teeth because of sport injuries. Missing your front teeth would make you conscious of your appearance. It would also affect the self-confidence and self-esteem of the children. Mostly, dentists would consider re-implanting of fallen tooth. Nonetheless, re-implantation process would not be successful, as child would be requiring prosthetic tooth restoration. It would be necessary for cases where front tooth has been lost.

Dental implants has been deemed ideal for adults

When it comes to adults, dental implants would be ideal form of tooth restoration. It would primarily due to their convenience, durability and longevity. Dental plants would mostly comprise small titanium screws. These would be embedded in the lower or upper jawbone, according to the requirement. After the healing period, which could be for several months, prosthetic teeth along with abutments would be affixed on the implants. While adults having low quality jawbone would be found suitable for dental implants, children would not be suggested to undergo the treatment.

Why dental implant is not advised for children?

The major reason would be implants impeding the growth of jaws. It would actually look forward to preventing the natural teeth from growing into normal position. The natural teeth of the person would be attached to the periodontal ligaments. It would enable them to shift around the jawbone. It implies that in event of the dental implants embedded into the jaw of the children prior to growth of their jawbone being complete; it would largely interfere with the emergence of other growing or grown natural teeth. It would often result in producing cosmetically unattractive results. You should be rest assured that it would provide relatively costly and more time-consuming to rectify.

The normal age for the child to be recommended for dental implant is around 15 to 17 years. By this time, the jawbone of the child would be developed completely. You should contact the best dental implantologist in the arena for dental implant procedure needs.