Our household is full of items that can be harmful to toddlers. Even small things that you think cannot harm your kid could have adverse effects when your child comes in contact with the objects. According to research, household injuries are among the most important reasons for visiting a doctor for kids’ injuries. These emergencies can be tackled if proper attention is given to household items as well as toddlers. Some of the things that can have adverse effects on your toddler’s health include different chemicals such as hand washing chemicals, floor-cleaning liquids, and other similar chemicals that are used for cleaning the house, etc.

Here are some of the ways in which a home can be safe for toddlers:

  • The house is full of the toys of a toddler. These toys can also be dangerous for a kid under five years of age. A toddler should be given proper attention while he or she is playing with a toy, especially the small ones. The toys that are smaller in size and are cylindrical, circle, or square in shapes are very dangerous for kids as these can cause choking if taken into the mouth. It is advised by doctors not to provide smaller toys to kids under 5 years of age.
  • The uncovered or unprotected glass table available in the house can be harmful to a toddler. They can have deep cuts on their body, especially on the face and eye area, because of the edges of the tables. It is important to know what kind of glass material is used in the table and keep the edges covered.
  • The washroom door should always be locked since the place has toiletries and chemicals. Floor cleaning liquids such as bleach have very harmful components and can fill their lungs with toxic fumes or even cause internal injuries to a body. These should be kept in a locker or out of reach of a toddler.
  • A toddler should never come in contact with any kind of electrical equipment. Appliances such as hair-dryer, trimmer, hair straightener, hair curler, clothing iron machine, heaters, etc. are very hazardous for toddlers. These can cause serious burns or electric shocks that can really harm the toddler. These appliances should not be kept in an open area and should be covered with their caps always. Parents or other members can use these electronic appliances in a separate room with the door closed to keep the toddlers away from the equipment.

Toddlers are very delicate and cannot stand the effects of infections and thus become victims of viral fevers. Here are some viral fever home remedies that can be useful for you:

  • A gentle and lukewarm bath is a great way to reduce the temperature of the baby. The water should not be at room temperature as it can affect the toddler’s body.
  • Mix 2 spoons of hot mustard oil with ginger paste. Apply the mixture when it comes to normal room temperature on the baby’s back, neck, palm, chest, and feet. It helps the baby in relaxation, sweat, and flushing toxins.


Home remedies are ideally preferred over allopathy or other medications. Since home remedies do not have their side effects, it is wise to go for them. Apart from this, it becomes easy to keep home safe for toddlers by taking care of all the pointers given above.

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