If you are injured due to the negligence of another or the illegal conduct of another, you are liable to get compensation for your personal injuries. You can take an example of your motor vehicle accident caused by the other driver’s reckless driving, or your injuries caused due to a slip or fall on an ice-covered sidewalk that somebody failed to clear it. In such case, people usually hire one of the best Personal Injury Lawyers Toronto to get their compensation. A few queries that can be asked from a personal injury lawyer are rationalized below:

  1. Q: How much experience you have?

A: Personal injury attorneys integrate huge knowledge of law with the major evidences to prove that the customer has suffered the injuries and pain due to the negligence of the other party. They take a number of years to get master skills, thus before hiring a lawyer, you must ask about his past experience.

  1. Q: What proportion of their law practice is dedicated to personal injury cases?

A: It is not compulsory that every lawyer has experience in the same field like personal injury; different lawyers handle different types of cases. So, confirm that you are hiring the lawyer who has been practicing in personal injury cases for a long time.

  1. Q: Who will have main duty for handling your case? 

A: Once, your queries regarding background practice have finished and you want to hire this lawyer. Make sure to ask him/her about this query, because usually lawyers working in a team and sometimes they hand over their cases to their associate lawyer. So, clear it before hiring him/her so that you come to know who will have ultimate responsibility for your case. 

  1. Q: What type of claim you are familiar with?

A: Personal injury claims generally fall under the following categories:

Premises liability

  • Motor vehicle crashes
  • Medical malpractice
  • On-the-job injuries
  • Assault and other deliberate misconduct
  • Professional negligence

After knowing this you come to know either he/she is suitable for your case or not, because every lawyer has a different specialization even in the personal injury cases.

  1. Q: How much you will charge and how are the fees paid?

A: This is the most important question you should ask, as some lawyer works on a contingency fee and some charge fee according to their services and case proceedings. But, the contingency fee agreements allow you to hire a lawyer to represent your case whether you get compensation or not. If you will not get compensation, you will not have to pay the lawyer fee.

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