7 Health Conditions That Can Affect Your Brain Power& Memory

Your brain is the most integral part of your body. It is part of your nervous system that controls everything, including your senses and muscles. The ability to perform the tasks relies on your brain health and overall well-being. Unfortunately, several health conditions can adversely affect your brain’s power and memory, making it less.

The health conditions that affect your brain power and memory include;

  1. Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a health condition that negatively affects cognitive functioning and destroys brain cells. It is the most common type of dementia; symptoms include a deterioration in reasoning and thinking skills and memory loss. Fortunately, you can seek brain health support supplements to eliminate the problem and enhance your brain power and memory.

Amyloid beta proteins accumulate in the brain and produce inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease. The inflammation causes gene modification that interrupts the brain’s functioning, causing memory loss.

  1. Vascular dementia

Dementia is a host of diseases that affects brain power and causes memory loss. Its signs include deterioration of thinking abilities and memory, such as forgetting regular tasks, being unable to learn new things, and failing to recall essential information.

It results from a reduced blood flow to the brain, resulting in confusion and memory loss, like Alzheimer’s disease. You can prevent vascular dementia by controlling your blood pressure and cholesterol and avoiding smoking to maintain your blood vessels.

  1. Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease relates to structural changes in the brain, especially parietal cortical gray matter volume. It is caused by a deficit of the neurotransmitter dopamine from abnormal cell death. One of its significant symptoms is reduced brain power and memory loss.

  1. Depression

Challenges and hardships cause depression, and it’s prevalent among most. Some manage to deal with it, whereas others experience clinical depression and can’t get through it. If you’re experiencing clinical depression, you will have changes in your brain and behaviors.

Depressive illness is a significant brain disorder affecting your mind’s power and memory. It affects the functions of your brain, such as thinking, sleeping, and learning capacity.

  1. Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is when your body confuses gluten protein as a threat and starts to fight it. It causes depression, anxiety, and other brain disorders. Also, the condition makes you more susceptible to other mental conditions and increases the chances of memory loss.

  1. Diabetes

Blood sugar is your body’s fuel, and maintaining it is vital in containing diabetes. If the levels are not correct, it will impact your body’s functioning. Too much blood sugar damages your brain, and too little causes hypoglycemia which confuses you.

Also, diabetes damages your blood vessels resulting in a deficit in blood flow to your brain. Insufficient blood flow declines brain power and causes memory issues and other conditions such as heart disease or stroke.

  1. Brain tumors

Brain tumors negatively impact your mind’s power and memory. It results in memory loss or impaired judgment, especially in the frontal or temporal lobe.


The above health conditions can affect your brain power and memory. They cause memory loss, impaired thinking, and other mental issues. Understanding them will enable you to seek the proper brain health support.